1982 VW Rabbit Volkswagen MK1 Rabbit

There are some cars that just don’t die. They live on through generations and seem to never lose interest in the community. One prime example is the Volkswagen MK1 Rabbit. The Rabbit was introduced in 1975, and has lived on to this day. But this article isn’t about the amazing history that belongs to the MK1, it’s about this incredible 1982 VW Rabbit that belongs to Donald VanNortstrand (nicknamed DJ).

The build began when DJ bought it 3 years ago. It was going to serve as a project that would help him learn welding, auto body, upholstery and painting. When he picked it up, it was in rough shape, so he started fixing all of the rust and body work. Everything was done himself, including the paint job. He shaved the side markers, bumpers, door handles, trunk, and hood (after the photos were taken). But he didn’t stop there.

After that was done, DJ decided to put on the orange 8″ widened steelies. He then threw on some 155/55/14 tires. DJ had to roll the fenders to the max just to fit those bad boys. The wheels help give the little VW a widened look that shows off, what we call, the “proper stance.”

When DJ bought the car, it didn’t come with back seats, so why not just install a hard wood floor instead!? He also bought a new top (pictured above) that he installed himself. There seems to be pattern of do-it-yourself in this build, and that’s exactly what we like to see. We can not stop talking about how important it is to DIY when you have a car you have a strong connection with. You won’t regret it in the end.

This build definitely is not done yet. DJ says future plans include installing a roll cage (we can’t wait!) and possibly an engine swap for something more powerful than the stock 8-valve. We will be sure to update this whenever this happens.