A Diatribe From The Island Of Misfit Toys

I wish to make something perfectly clear before I start on the whole turbo charging topic. My goal when building an engine for more power, the more power issue is actually 3rd on the list of what I really work on accomplishing. Number one is how streetable it is, number two is how reliable it is and three is how fast I can make it and still maintain one and two.

For those of you that have driven a totally bone stock VW beetle that is in perfect running condition, (there are very few that actually have) you will appreciate what I am about to say more than most.

A stock beetle with all of its factory goodies still in place and functioning correctly, runs absolutely awesome. Smooth as glass, starts up cold by just a slight touch of the key, never skips a beat and is really very reliable. I love me a perfectly cared for stock bug.

However, I personally would like that same, perfect running stock bug to have a bit more (quite a bit more) get up and go when I smash the pedal to the mat. That’s not for everyone of course, many are just fine with buzzing along the way VW intended. That is as cool as the other side of my pillow as far as I am concerned and I will have some pointers here and there for you folks too.

The big issue in getting a bunch more power out of older engines is the tradeoff that you have to deal with. There is a balancing act you will be performing, you want it faster, but at the same time would like it to have the same street manners as a stocker. This right here is why I am a big fan of the blow through turbo set up (more on blow through and draw through later on) if done right, you can easily double your horsepower and notice absolutely no difference in the way the car behaves from stock, other than when you put your foot in it.

Almost sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Tell you what, it wasn’t exactly easy to figure out. Oh sure, I could get really close, but it was years before I really hit it. Now that I have, I am willing to share.

But not before I get some sleep, so this is where I end this evening.