Honda Motorcycle XR650R Reviews Users Opinions

Gary says:

I recently purchased a very slightly used 2000 XR650R. It is an absolute beast! I have been out on a couple of all day rides with it, the latest in the uncorked mode. That definitely helps it run cooler, and much crisper. At 6’3″, and 205 pounds (me), I believe I have found the absolute perfect bike. I love it, and would certainly buy another one if in the market. It is an absolute power house, and handles great!!! 😉

L.L. says:

I think the most kick ass thing about my dual sported, uncorked/jetted XR650R is this; I can ride it to work, and when people stare at me for riding a dirt bike on the street, I can very simply waste the living crap out of them with the utmost ease! Old Fart Harley riders and those punk kids in their noisy honda civics are the most fun to humiliate. However, it’s not a prob to smoke just about anything on the road up to 100mph. And the beauty of it is that you can then leave the road and climb a mountain! And it will never leave you stranded. What a bike!

SnaggleXR says:

The BRP has got to be one of the most versatile machines ever made. Whether you are in tight, nasty 15 MPH off-road conditions, or winning the BAJA race, or scraping the footpegs on the street at 90+ MPH in supermotard mode. The Pig accels, and makes BIG, arm jerking, face stretching, butt puckering, torque and power everywhere and in between. Better yet, it will get you home at the end of the ride. I don’t know of many, if any, other bikes that can make that statement.

P.S. You better excercise your cheek muscles before you get your bike. Because your face WILL be sore from smiling so hard while riding your new PIG. I’ve had my 2000 model for a couple years, and my face still hurts after rides. 😉

Wright B says:

“Yes, Yes, YES, Yes and God, YES! I only wish I had bought an R years ago. It’s WAYYY more fun that the L was in the dirt, and I have no plans on roading it except on Dual Sports where I have no choice but to take short stretches to go from trail to trail. The power delivery is amazing.

The motor feels electric – no sudden hit like an MX-tuned engine typically delivers, but crisp, strong throttle response anywhere in the RPM range. The most fun thing is coming out of turns in second or third gear, keeping your inside foot up, rolling on the throttle and flat-tracking for a few seconds without needing to downshift or use some clutch. Oh, and I’m still running it stock – ten more horsepower after I de-baffle and re-jet it. I’m considering not even doing that though, cause it’s quieter than my L and still makes tons of horsepower.My only complaint is that I’ve had trouble starting it when it’s hot. I still have to learn the magic sequence.

Oh and yes, someone please buy my old L. She’s a good ol’ bike! :)”

Robert L. says:

“Well guys, very few things that have happened in my life can compare to the experience I had on my BRP out at the dunes today. It was right up there with witnessing the birth of my children and sex etc., etc., I put a paddle tire on it yesterday…….”

John H. says:

“Would I buy it again? – definitely yes.”, “For the money, the most fun on 2 wheels.”, and “I have loaned my XR to perhaps 20 people, I have only had one person not rave about it. He was a KTM 200 rider though, I guess that explains the post ride bedwetting.”

J. Knepp says:

“Comfortable, powerful, easy to start and a great all around bike.”

Phil M. says:

“I can confirm that the XR650R does come in a rather nice shade of red.”

Al W. says:

“It is better in tight trails, faster,and more comfortable than the significantly lighter and louder WRs, it starts easily and runs great on 85 octane fuel, it pulls like a garden tractor, and it retained the legendary Honda XR reliability!”

Peter C. says:

“I like big 4 strokes because they are easy to ride. They have so much power every where. In second gear I can chug along at 10mph or fly at 40+mph. Depending on the trail I don’t have to shift very often at all. My clutch should last for ever, I never have to slip it. In that same 10-40mph range the 2 stroke guys I ride with are shifting twice or more. They also have to slip their clutch in the slow stuff.”

“My other bike, a 501 Husaberg, it is only fun to ride when you push it. If you relax it will bite you.”, “The 650R is not the best in slow technical going. I feel the weight below 15mph. But it is not as bad as one would think for a 280+lb bike and more then makes up for it when the pace is faster.” and finally,”With minimal care the 650R should last for ever.”

Terry W. says:

“I have now traveled 3700 Km on various tracks in Tasmania, the weight of the bike only becomes a hassle through tight single line tracks or when you have to pick it up. I am presently waiting for a set of heavier fork springs in order to better balance the suspension.”

Ed D. says:

“So why is this a great roadbike as well?” “It takes me half the time riding to work (when really busy 1/3rd) it would take me to go by car because of the traffic-jams. and if I can’t pass the cars on road, I pass them off-road. Plus, I don’t have to spend every weekend polishing chrome before I can ride (riding around with grass still stuck to my helmet is OK too) ;-D”

Shear’Ree says:

“I like it because you do not have to ride fast or hard to have fun, and you can tractor the bike up or down anything in first gear. It also has a nice soft ride due to it’s weight and suspension. Additionally, you can gear it to ride the tightest of trails, and get great gas mileage, and the thing will last forever.”

Bob N. says:

“Now, that I own one, and I’ve ridden a number of miles, I am totally impressed with the awesome power that the uncorked pig produces.” “The fact that you can uncork it is something that I find attractive as well. I did not want to uncork it at first, since I wanted to get more comfortable with dirt riding after a 20+ year hiatus – my last bike was a 1978 Hodaka 250 Enduro bike. By the way, the XR650R feels lighter than that bike ever did.”, “Would I recommend it to others? Certainly!”, and “The only negative, and it’s a small one, is that it does not have electric start. If it started as easy as a 2-stroke, it might not be an issue. After uncorking, the starting is much easier but it still takes a couple of kicks to get her going.”

Geoff P. says:

“I have what I think is the best of both worlds, I can ride a bonafide monster dirtbike on the street and pull offroad anywhere I like. It is a load of fun to ride being so torquey. Since it has a hair trigger with so much power, I think it is a lot more fun to ride than a “go fast” bike and less dangerous. (I don’t need to go 130mph plus to have fun ). I would, and will, buy another and have tried to convince all of my friends to get a 650R.”, and “It also makes little kids drool, which I get a kick out of.”

Michael R. says:

1. I love my pig b/c it’s the 454 big block of dirt bikes.
2. I’d buy again b/c it’s the 454 big block of dirt bikes.
3. I’d recommend to friends b/c it’s the 454 big block of dirt bikes.

“My main riding buddy went from an xr250 to a BRP and I have another that is trying to sell his WR400 to get one. ‘Nuff said…”

Eric F. (The Haymaker) says:

I’ve owned several different bikes, crotch rockets, small dirtbikes, big dirtbikes, 2- smokes, 4-strokes, dual sports, and a moped. When I was saving for my next bike back in ’99, I saw my first previews of the ’00 XR650R. It was love at first sight!

Never before have I owned a bike with the brute strength that the brp provides, yet it still has all the finesse of a Russian ballerina. Others have mentioned of the legendary XR reliability, and I agree, this beast is no slouch in that department. I’ve invested 3 seasons, countless tires, worn a rear brake rotor to tissue paper, broken two collarbones, two wrists, a femur in 3 places, and obliterated a 1200 pound haybale with this bike and she just keeps on thumping!

This thing is the ultimate “Jack of all trades, master at none but Baja” bike that is a go anywhere, do anything beast. She’s just about as adept at plunking along in first gear down a skidder trail, as she is cruising at 100mph across the desert. Definitely the most thump for your gump you can buy.

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