Grape Seed Oil Review

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to give you some feedback in regards to a post on the benefits of using Grape Seed Oil (GSO)

I have been testing out this oil for about a month now. Prior to using GSO, I was a huge fan of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), and still am. However, I have had some pretty great success with GSO and will continue using it as a part of my regular hair regimen.

The GSO I purchased was NOT organic. It was $4.99 for a 750mL bottle and was found in the cooking oil aisle of the grocery store.

In the original blog post, I stated as per my research that GSO is odorless. I do want to confirm that this is 100% true. I am very sensitive to odors, and I can honestly vouch for the fact that GSO does not have an odor. I think this was a big selling point for me, because even though I love EVOO, I am not crazy about it’s smell in my hair, and usually mix it with essential oils like lavender, or tea tree oil to disperse the smell.

I used the GSO by itself as a hot oil treatment which entailed greasing my scalp and locs, and then covering my head with a plastic bag for about an hour. It went on greasy, but was very quickly absorbed by my scalp and my locs.

After my last wash, I mixed 2 parts GSO with 1 part EVOO, 15 drops of Tea Tree Oil and 5 drops of Peppermint Oil in a 60mL plastic bottle. I used this mixture to oil my scalp, and locs, and re-twist my roots.

So far, I have noticed that I have not had any dry or itchy scalp. These two issues have been an ongoing battle for me. As I continue to use GSO as a part of my regular hair regimen, I will keep you posted and let you know if the success continues!

Please let me know if GSO works for you!

This is actually a response to the Video Style of the Week. I went ahead and tried this style, after washing my hair yesterday. My initial thoughts in regards to the process itself,was that it was very time-consuming.

In the video, Jazzy Te specifically mentions that in order for the locs to stay twisted, you have to twist “under” every time. I’m not sure exactly what this means, because after I thought about it, either way, one loc is going to be under and one over whether you go clockwise or counter clockwise. So, I had a really hard time keeping the locs twisted even with elastics. Eventually, I used an extra-large pony tail to keep the locs secured after I twisted each pair.

I also do not use gels in my hair, as Jazzy Te recommended, which may have been the reason why the locs would not stay twisted. I used a mixture of grape seed oil and olive oil as carriers, and tea tree oil and peppermint oil as essentials.

After two-strand twisting all of my locs, I did sit under the dryer. Usually I would air dry, but it was late, and you really should avoid sleeping with overly wet locs, as it can cause mildew, or a musty smell!

I was actually going to take the twists out this morning, and see what kind of curls they had created. But, after I got up and and had a look, I thought the two-strand twists were kinda cute, and they were comfortable enough to leave in-not tight at the roots, or pulling on the hairline.

Here is a picture rocking a side pony. Try it, and let me know how it goes for you!