How I Washed My Hair Using The Standard “Bend Over Sink Method”

Hey everyone,

In case this is your first read, this post will be a continuation of the last 3 entries “10-15 Drops Of Tea Tree Oil Will Last Your Hair Probably A Year“, “Shian Naturals ACV Rinse Dye My Hair With Bigen Hair Color” and “The Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse (ACV) Wash Hair”


So, as you know, I just did a Loc Overhaul and like I said, I made a lot of changes to my usual routine. The biggest change, though, was how I washed my hair. Maybe it’s old age, or maybe it’s heavy locs, but I have found that the last two times that I have washed my hair using the standard “bend over sink method”, I had really bad back pain for days following. I kind of decided that unless I could do something to avoid the pain, I would probably have to start getting someone to wash my hair for me-which independent and stubborn like how I am, I would detest.

SO…On Loc Overhaul Day, I actually washed my hair in the shower-standing up.


It was difficult to get used to, because my hair was all over the place. But, after a while, I figured out how to maneuver the locs to stay out of my face. I do feel like this is probably the most thorough my locs have been washed maybe ever. The pressure of the shower was much stronger than the sink tap, so I felt like I truly got all of the product out of my hair.

As for the back, the back was fine. In fact, the back was great even the day after. It was the neck that hurt the next day like you wouldn’t believe! So, yes, I found a solution to the “bend over sink back breaking method”, but does anyone have a solution to the “stand up shower neck kink method”??!!

(LOSE/LOSE situation here)

Would I do it this way next time?…………..YES.

Part 2

As a part of my wash maintenance routine, I usually twist my roots where the new growth has sprung up. This time, I actually had about 2 inches of new growth and it was pretty fuzzy as I had been making a conscious effort not to retwist too often-in order to give my scalp and hairline a little rest. My roots were pretty tangled, which meant that I had to separate or part the roots.

Usually, I hold the new hair in between my fingers and twist it counter-clockwise (my preference) from the root down the rest of the loc. This means that the roots get a lot of attention, and moisture from my oil of choice, but the rest of the loc doesn’t see a whole lot of action.

This time I tried the palm rolling method. I have always known about the palm rolling method, but thought it would be very time consuming to do roll every loc individually-call me lazy… I was able to focus on each individual loc, and rolling meant that the whole loc received oiling.

The results were fantastic. And the fantastic-ness lies in the fact that over a week after doing my hair, it still looks very healthy, the ends of my locs are moisturized not dry, and the roots are still holding without too much fuzziness.

Yes it was time consuming. In fact, I couldn’t finish it all in one 2 hour sitting like I usually do. I actually divided my hair into 4 sections, and did it slowly over 24hrs or so. (1 chunk the night I washed it, 1 chunk in the morning…and so on…)

I will look for a good palm rolling YouTube tutorial and post it on Wednesday for the “Video of the Week”.

Part 3

I mentioned the palm rolling technique and I wanted to steer you in the direction of a video just in case you’re not sure what palm rolling is. So, I scanned the World Wide Web in search of a great video that I could “endorse”. But, there aren’t too many good ones. The video I am posting below clearly shows what palm rolling is-essentially rolling your locs in between the palms of your hands.

However, it is not necessary (as shown in the video) for you to use all of the pins to hold your hair down. When I palm roll my locs, I section my hair off in 4 with hair elastics. I take a loc from the “incomplete” section and after I finish palm rolling it, I place it inside the hair elastic that is holding the “completed” locs. I hope that makes sense to you.

Truly, if you want to use clips, and it is easier for you…go on wit ur bad self! But I have a clip issue…I’m working on it.

Enjoy the video though