How To Remove Acrylic Nails At Home Fast Without Acetone

How to remove Acrylic Nails is our today’s topic of discussion. Without a need to mention, Nails are beauty assets for lasses. They are the inbuilt style statements that enhance the beauty. With every passing day, the demand and liking for Nails is being sky rocketed.

It is not just because of the natural ones with which we were born with, but also due to the artificial ones. All due credit goes to the Acrylic nails that are going viral from quite some time. Acrylic nails have become predominant in the beauty industry from years and are ruling the lasses heart’s with their mind blogging creativeness.

Acrylic nails are utterly drifting vogue of the present time. They have been trending greatly with accelerating speed. Women are literally becoming maniacs of acrylic nails and are fashioning themselves with the latest trend.

Acrylic nails
Acrylic nails are sexy and glamorous. They are quite eye catching. It is not possible for every class to be born with beautiful and healthy nails. It is a boon for those who are born with healthy and beautiful looking nails by default.

But the modernity has brought in everything to hand. Though you are not born with beautiful nails, there is nothing to be worried about. Acrylic nails came as saviors for those who are born with not so beautiful nails, which will let you flaunt as if you have original ones.

People who want to flaunt artificial nails can use ANs. ANs can be held fast to your natural nail bed with the help of glue. When your natural nail grew beyond this ANs or you feel like your nails or took thick with too much nail paint on it, you can take them off.

There are many tried and tested formulas for removing ANs. We are here today to provide you with a complete guide of how to remove ANs that uses soaking in acetone, filing them down, or using a piece of dental floss etc.

Before stepping anywhere forward, let us first know the basic things about acrylic nails and their pros and cons.

Acrylic Nails and their fitting

Acrylic nails are applied using a liquid monomer and a powder polymer. They create a hard protective layer over your natural ones. They get harder only when they are subjected to air. When the acrylic hardens, it provides a perfect canvas to put perfect nail paint. We have mentioned the pros and cons of Acrylic nails below. Go through them!

Pros of Acrylic nails
· They can be considered as nail extensions by lengthening the short nails.
Acrylic nails will strengthen nails and will let your nails look long and healthy.
If Acrylic nails are broken, they can be fixed right away at home.
The removal of ANs is very easy.
They are strong and will last longer when done with proper care.
They are less expensive than gel nails.
Cons of Acrylic nails

· Can damage the nail bed, which could lead to the breeding ground for fungus and bacteria.

· May looks unnatural than gel nails especially when not done by a professional.

· The applications process includes strong chemicals and fumes and pregnant women are advised to stay away from them.

How to remove Acrylic nails
You may need professional help when it comes to putting ANs, but you no need to visit the same professional to get them removed. We will train you in such a way that you can simply do that by yourself just by sitting at home.

We have come up with different ways of removing ANs. You can opt for any way you would like to use to remove your acrylic nails. You no need to drain your wallets to get your ANs removed.

We are going to share with you the comfiest ways to remove acrylic nails. We are here to offer our helping hand to you. So, why late! Get, set, go!!!

How to remove acrylic nails at home
We are going to share with you a simple method on how to remove acrylic nails at home.

Things you will need

Nail polish remover
Nail clipper
Olive oil
Glass bowl
Moisturizing lotion
Clean towel
Petroleum jelly
Orangewood stick
Nail buffer
Nail file
Steps to remove acrylic nails at home
* First, start with nail cutting. Cut your ANs as short as you can without letting your finger skin hurt. Removing ANs at the start will make the process easier.

* Take a small glass bowl and fill it with acetone nail polish remover.

* Remove the nail paint from your nails using nail buffer. Buffer the thickness of the nail by moving it in the even fashion.

* Clean off the dust with the help of nail brush.

* Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the skin of nail bed in order to protect the skin from the acetone nail polish remover side effects.

petroleum jelly

* Now dip your nails into the bowl of acetone nail polish remover and stay put until the glue loses its tightness and your natural nail bed starts coming off by its own. Stay put until 15 to 20 minutes for the glue to blind.

acetone nail polish remover.

* The acrylic will become mushy and jelly after dipping the nails for 15 to 20 minutes and so you can remove your nails from the bowl.

* Now try to remove the acrylic nails gently from your natural ones. Don’t try it hard. If you find it hard then dip your nails again into the same acetone bowl again for 5 to 10 minutes.

* Don’t ever forcefully remove the ANs. This would damage your natural nail and lead to infection.

* You can use a fresh cloth to remove the gel turned ANs gently. This way, you won’t hurt or damage your natural nail.

acrylic nails gently

* Once you are done with removing acrylic nails, wash your hands thoroughly with fresh water until the petroleum jelly and acetone nail polish remover goes off.

* If anything is left use a nail buffer to remove it.

* Apply cuticle oil or olive oil to your nails and massage it into your nails and hands. As you have used harsh acetone on your nails and fingers, they would lose moisture content. So this will help moisturize your nails.

How to remove acrylic nails without acetone
Acrylic nails are nothing but false nails that are applied onto real nails with the help of various liquids and powders. It would always be good to go take professional help for ANs. Many people face problems while removing ANs.

How to remove acrylic nails without acetone
This is just due to the lack of knowledge about how to put ANs and how to remove them. You no need to be a professional in order to remove the ANs, you just need to know the perfect ways to remove them.

The most common and popular way to remove ANs are by using acetone. We are now going to tell you how to remove acrylic nails without using acetone.

Things you will need

* 4 sided nail buffer

* Acrylic nail clipper

* Cuticle oil

* Soap and water

* Moisturizer

Steps to remove acrylic nails without acetone
* First, clip the nails.

* File your nails down using a buffer with four sides.

* Clip at the edges of the ANs using a cuticle clipper. Clip all the way down to the thinnest edges until you reach the middle of the nail bed.

* Clip the ANs away from the base of your nail bed until all the small fragments are gone.

* To remaining other edges, use a cuticle stick.

* Buff your nails and add cuticle oil to your nails.

* Wash off your nail bed with soap and water.

* Now massage your hand with the good moisturizer to get rid of dryness if any.

How to remove acrylic nails fast

There are many ways to remove acrylic nails. Few ways are fast, few ways are easy, and few ways of time taking too. We are going to share with you the fastest way to remove acrylic nails. Read on!

Items you will need

* Nail clippers

* Fine-grit emery board

* Acetone

* Cotton swab

* Aluminum foil

* Heating pad

* Orange wood stick

* Cuticle oil

Steps to remove acrylic nails fast
· Look thoroughly where your acrylic nail starts and where your natural nail ends. Clip the artificial tip down as close to the natural nail as possible using nail clippers.

· Buff the top of your acrylic nails with a fine-grit emery board to roughen the surface, which allows them to come off easier.

· Take a cotton swab and dip it into pure acetone until it observes and gets saturated. Now lay the cotton swab on top of one of your ANs.

· Take a piece of aluminum foil that is approximately 2 inches square. Place it over the cotton swab and then fold it down under your nail and spread it over the sides of your finger. Repeat the same process for all other ANs too.

· Use a heating pad over both hands to heat up the nails. This will speed up the removal process. In this time, leave the pad in place for minimum 15 minutes.

· Keep the heating pad aside and pull off the foil and cotton swab from your nail. It will pull off the ANs too. Repeat the same process with all the other ANs.

· Use the orange wood stick and scrape off the leftovers of acrylic from your nails.

· Wash your hands neatly with soap and water to get rid of acetone.

· Apply cuticle oil to the skin around the nail and massage it thoroughly to bring back the lost moisture that was lost due to acetone.

How to remove acrylic nails with nail polish remover
Say no to bite off your acrylic nails. We are here to help you with a simple process that uses nail polish remover to remove acrylic nails. Read on to know how!

Things you will need

· Cotton balls

· Acetone nail polish remover

· Fingernail clippers

· Glass bowl

· Small towel

· Petroleum jelly

· Cuticle pusher

· Soap

Steps to remove acrylic nails using nail polish remover

· Remove the nail paint off from your nails using nail polish remover. Cut the false nails with fingernail clippers so as to avoid hurting of skin on fingertips.

· Fill a glass bowl with about 1-inch of acetone nail polish remover and apply petroleum jelly over the skin around your fingernails so as to protect your skin from getting prone to irritation due to nail polish application on skin.

· Place your fingertips into the nail polish remover. Lay a hand towel over your soaking hand and the bowl and let it soak for 10 minutes.

· Remove your hand from the bowl and use a cuticle remover to gently remove the acrylic from the natural nails. Start at the base of the nail bed and progress towards the tip.

· Soak your nails again for 10 minutes and scrape the acrylic with the cuticle pusher. Repeat this until all the acrylic is gone from your nails.

· Wash your hand thoroughly with warm soap water. Pat them dry with a fresh towel and then buff the nails lightly with a nail buffer to smoothen the nails on the top.

How to remove acrylic nails with acetone

You can easily remove acrylic nails with the help of acetone. It is the cheapest way to remove acrylic nails.

Things you will need

· Nail cutter

· Acetone

· Hot water

· Cotton

· Tweezers

Steps to remove acrylic nails with acetone

· Take a nail cutter and cut off your acrylic nails to the shortest length possible.

· Take a cotton swab and dip it in acetone and remove any nail polish left over on your acrylic nails.

· Take a bowl filled with acetone and place it in another container that is holding hot water in it. This will warn the acetone a bit.

· Dip your hand in the acetone solution and let them stay put for 20 to 25 minutes.

· Take your hands off the solution and use tweezers to gently remove the acrylic nails. If they are still tough to remove then don’t forcefully pull them. Re-dip the nails in the acetone solution for some time and then try to pull them off gently. Gentleness is the mantra. Harshness will damage your natural nails. So, make sure to be gentle while pulling.

· Once you are done with pulling off the acrylic nails, apply cuticle oil or olive oil to your nails.

· Apply a moisturizer to your nails and massage a bit. This will restore moisture to your nails and fingers that were lost due to acetone.

How to remove acrylic nails without acetone or nail polish remover
· Use a metal nail file to file starting from the cuticle end to the edge of the ANs so that there will be enough space left to slip the dental floss underneath the ANs.

· Take 12 inch of dental floss and wrap it around the index finger on your hand.

· Slip the floss under the edge.

· Don’t forcefully pull, just use the sawing motion and gently pull towards the end of the nail bed.

· The acrylic nail will come out.

For this process, it would be better to take the help of the second person. It won’t be possible to do the sawing motion on oneself. The second person would be of great help. Rushing will only leave you with an injury or infection. So, have some patience while removing your acrylic nails.

How to remove acrylic nails yourself

The process is same whether you take the help of someone professional or do it yourself. It is just that the result varies. If you want to do it yourself then all the aforementioned ways in our article are picture perfect for you except the afore one that involves two persons.

You can opt for any of the processes we have mentioned above clearly to remove acrylic nails by yourself. There is no need for you to take the avatar of a professional to do so. Just follow the steps we have mentioned as it is without using self-derived steps.

How to remove fake nails

Fake nails or acrylic nails can be removed using any of the ways we have mentioned in our article above. You can go with any process that you feel like opting for. If you are debuting in removing fake nails then you need to first give a thorough read to the steps we have mentioned and follow them with utmost care.

In our article, you can find each and every minute way to remove acrylic nails. We hope you liked our article on acrylic nails removal. Make sure to give the methods we have mentioned a try. You will love them for sure. There ends our article on how to remove acrylic nails.