Andrea Mitchell Face Lift Surgery: Before and After Photos

Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before & After Photo

Andrea Mitchell who was born on October 30, 1946, has been bringing the latest news to Americans since the 90’s. Currently, she lives in Washington DC and is working as a commentator for NBC. She played multiple characters throughout her career as a reporter, anchor and journalist.

Had Andrea Mitchell Had a Facelift Surgery?

Yes! When you look at her before and after pictures, you can clearly see that the wrinkles have disappeared and her skin became smoother. Although, she is more than 67 years old now, Andrea Mitchell still looks younger than her age.

Andrea Mitchell had undergone facelift surgery which is why she is not having any wrinkles and her skin is tight even in her sixties. Usually, wrinkles are very common in woman who’re nearing sixties but few celebrities like her never want to get outdated and so they decide to go under the knife to enhance their beauty.

Though there have been many rumors surrounding about her plastic surgery, she never made any public statement agreeing to it. May be doesn’t want to be yet another example of bad plastic surgery stories.

If you don’t believe that she had undergone a cosmetic surgery, then you should probably look at this before and after picture, which will definitely make you think twice.