How To Remove Skin Tags

How to remove skin tags? Skin tags are generally seen on body part like eyelid, underarms, chest, neck and folds. They are basically skin tissues that do not harm the body and the scientific reason of getting skin tag is not known yet.

However, the skin tags look irritating and there is nothing wrong to hate them and remove them as everyone wants a clean and neat body.

They can be removed easily using different home remedies and also through medication. Let me describe in detail the medication process of getting rid first and then highlight different ways or removing naturally.

ow To Remove Skin Tags with Doctor’s Advice:
You can get a skin tag at any part of the body. If you feel annoyed and feel the need of getting rid, then you can visit a doctor. Seek for his opinion and get treated as they are not really harmful and do not cause much pain either.

There are no side effects also in getting rid. If you don’t want to involve any sort of risk in treating them at home, then go for doctor’s advice.

If everything falls into place and you are ready with the consent, you can suggest your doctor to cut the skin tags with scissors or numb the part of removal with anesthesia and then treat the tags.

Generally, there is no one tag on skin, it appears in numbers and if numbing the area, the whole portion can be treated without giving pain to your body.

The other option to treat is by burning them. You can also go for burning process. This is the most secured way of treating s the chances of re-appearing is less using this way.

It’s simple also as the doctor burns the metal tool and directly apply on the area. Talking about the latest technology, the doctors are using professional medical techniques to get rid and also it gets easy to get rid of the tags on the entire body without much pain and efforts.

However, the process is costly as special machines are used for the treatment. Well, the choice is yours at the end to choose the process and make sure you don’t touch the skin tags again and again as they made bleed and cause pain.

What are the home remedies to remove the skin tags? Home remedies are best and natural way to treat. There are no side effects also and you don’t have to spend the huge amount on getting treated medically.

Just be careful with the effected parts and it’s easy and hygiene and does not harms much. In this guideline,

I am specifying some best ways to treat them naturally at home. The extra skin should be treated with care and there is no guarantee that they won’t appear again.

However, it is advisable to follow the seven best home remedies to get rid easily and without pain naturally.

Oregano oil:

The oregano oil is very effective to remove the tags as it contains thymol, arvacrol and p-cymene which are three components that contain strong antibacterial ingredients and act powerful on removing the skin tags.

Apart from the three components they also include antimelanomic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxiditive and anti-specti properties. After knowing the properties, you would definitely want to try using the oil.

All you need to do is take 4-6 drops of coconut oil and mix 3 drops of oregano oil and gently apply on the affected area three times a day.

Leave it for some time to dry the skin and wait for the skin to come off naturally. This process is not applicable if you want to treat near your eyes.


Using garlic can also be helpful as garlic has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help to dry the affected area and by just placing 4 garlic cloves paste, the skin falls off on its own.

Put the paste directly on the skin and leave the garlic undisturbed by applying a bandage allowing the garlic paste to stay for some time.


Tea Tree oil:
The tea tree oil is also helpful to treat the removal treatment at home without any pain. The oil also includes properties that are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral.

Sounds interesting? Yes it is as the skin dries naturally and falls off on its own without making much efforts. All you have to do is take a cotton ball and dip in the water and add 3 drops of oil and apply gently on the affected area three times a day,

Morning-afternoon and night. Make sure you dip the cotton in water to avoid any sort of skin irritation or redness.

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Lemon juice:

The efficient home remedy is to use lemon juice. Is it effective because it contains citric acid that will dry the skin automatically and falls off on its own without the need to peel it? The cells get naturally decomposed.

lemon juice

Take a cotton ball and squeeze the half lemon juice in a bowl. Dip the cotton ball in the juice and gently apply on the affected part and repeat the step thrice a day.

Your effect will be seen definitely but if no, then repeat the procedure till drops off naturally. The process is not applicable to use near eyes.

Fig stem juice:
Another way of treating the tags naturally at home is using the fig stem juice. The fig stem juice contains alkaline-acid balance that acts as natural remedy for treating skin related issues.

Fig stem juice

Take the fig stem directly from the plant and grind them to make juice. Directly apply on the affected area and apply 3-4 times a day.

The juice will dry the skin naturally and the tag falls off on its own. The results will take a time of one month. One thing to keep in mind is that this remedy is not applicable for affected area near eyes.

How to remove skin tags by you? If you have nobody to help you and you are not interested to seek doctor’s help and does not want to go the professional treatments and pay huge amounts, treating by yourself is possible.

Now get rid easily and without pain and without getting indulged in heavy treatments. Try the alternative home remedies for treating by you.


Cream has the efficient power to dis-create the tags naturally by you. All you need to do is gently apply cream on the area and massage gently. This technique however does not give any sort of guarantee but as per the results, few people have got succeeded using this home remedy by self.

Dental floss:

Using dental floss by you also helps to get rid of the irritating skin tags. You don’t seek any help of others also. The Dental floss also known as ligation acts powerful by blocking the blood flow to the part for some time.

Do not get panicked as it is only temporarily. Take a dental floss available in the market and tie it around the tag and make sure you don’t tie it very tightly and the skin also comes off along. Pull the tag little every day.

Do not forcefully over pull it. Keep some patience and repeat the process for days until the tag falls off completely. You can automatically notice the changes in the color of the tag as it starts coming off little daily.

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Note: this process is not recommended to use near eyes.

Isopropyl Alcohol:

Using isopropyl alcohol is also helpful in getting rid of unwanted skin tags by you. It may be little painful but to get something have to bear something.

Well, it goes something like that. Anyways, back on the topic, the extra skin seen has no nerves and so without any pain, take some amount of alcohol and rub gently in the area.

By pulling the tag, it might bleed but you don’t need to worry as its ok to bleed. Dab some amount of alcohol. Get ready to bear the burning pain and let the alcohol dry the skin for a day or may be two.

If you feel a lot of pain, you can apply ice cubes and then scoop the tag out by pulling it. This won’t be painful and all you will be left with a small red spot in the affected area which will stay for few days and by using aloe Vera, the scar gets cleared.

Note: this procedure is not applicable to remove the tags near eyes.

Freezing technique:

The next home natural remedy to get rid by you own is by using the freezing technique. The best way to naturally make the tag fall off on its own is liquid nitrogen.

After applying the liquid, freeze away the affected area and it takes some days or weeks of time to get rid of the unwanted skin tags. It’s time to say bye-bye to the unwanted things.e

How to remove skin tags using vinegar?
How to get rid of skin tags using Vinegar? Vinegar is a powerful ingredient that helps to get rid of unwanted tags naturally at home.

This is the best home remedy to use and has got no side effects. To get started to use, take apple cider vinegar that is available in the market.

Take a cotton ball and dip in the few drops of vinegar and apply directly on the affected area. Do this thrice a day and continue to repeat for few weeks unless the tag falls off on its own without the need of pulling it.

The best part of the result is that there are no side effects and as the skin tends to get dry, the color also changes. Just keep patience for few weeks and finally it’s time to say goodbye for the unwanted tags.

Do try this natural home remedy and get rid by naturally therapy rather than going for chemical process or medical treatments that involves huge amount of money and you might also make the visit to the clinic again and again. However, the above procedure is not applicable to use near eyes.

How to remove skin tags using duct tape?

How to get rid of unwanted skin tags using a duct tape? Are you looking for a clear skin with no unwanted tags? Then your wish will be granted as you can now remove them by using a duct tape.

How To Remove Skin Tags using duct tape

It is, therefore, easy method and way of removing naturally without any side effects and much pain. The process is pain-free and also risk-free. Take a duct tape and cover the tape over the affected portion.

Leave it on the skin till the duct tape automatically gets loosen and make sure while removing the tape, the skin tag automatically falls off and if no then don’t remove the duct tape. Do not apply the same duct tape; apply the fresh one until it falls off by itself.

It gets interesting to see how much days’ time it requires getting rid by using this natural and pain-free method.

The skin has to automatically get dry and until which nothing happens. No need to pull the tag and have the patience to continue the process till it naturally falls off.

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Note: this method is not advisable to follow near eyes.

What are the skin tag removal products?

Here come the products details to remove the tags. The natural home remedies methods are powerful but might take some days of time and medical treatments require the huge amount of money. Leaving no side effects, the methods are powerful but the only drawback is the time taken.

Now, the removal products are available in the market which you can purchase and use directly on the affected area. The instant ways are possible. Now, no need of waiting for days or weeks and let’s go in details about the products.

Revital Skin Tag Remover:
The beauty product company has launched a Revital remover that is powerful and affects the skin surface. The remover is effective and also one of the gentle forms of removing the unwanted tag issues from the body.

Purchase the remover that is available in the market and checks the expiry date before purchasing.

Gently apply the remover on the affected area and follow the instructions mentioned on the leaf inside the pamphlet and accordingly say goodbye to the unwanted tags instantly without any pain and in most effective way.

Wart and Mole Vanish:

Hello, friends. Are you looking the fast and instant way of getting rid of the unwanted and irritating skin tags? Then you are viewing the right page as the wart and mole vanish product is easily available in the market and is powerful and effective to get rid instantly without any pain.

The product has been launched by pristine herbal Touch and is proved to be a scientifically effective way. The users have also given their positive comments once used and also shared their experience.

The vanish is to be applied directly on the affected area and see the magic to happen. However, to treat the eyelid area, this product is not recommended for use.

This effective product is easily available at the stores and can be purchased by you and use it to get instant results.

Skin tags and wart remover kit from buy naturally:

The instant way of getting rid of unwanted skin tags is the skin tags and wart remover kit from buy naturally that is available in the market. Purchase the product viewing the expiry date and directly apply on the affected area and see the results instantly.

Now, you don’t need to wait for days or weeks by using the other home remedies. The users of the products have also given their feed backs about the product and this product comes in huge competition with that of wart and mole vanish remover.

Now, get rid instantly without spending the huge amount on medical treatments. The product cannot be applied near eye area as eyes are very sensitive part of the body. Keep this point in mind always. Many people also recommend to use the product and the positive reviews has made the product a success.

How to get rid of skin tags on eyelids?

Eyelids are very sensitive part of the body and skin tags look ugly near eyes. The homemade and instant products cannot be used directly near eyes and there might be a risk. Then, how to treat the skin tags on eyelids?

How To Remove Skin Tags of eyelids

The answer to this question is very simple. Minor surgical methods or home remedy applying creams is only the effective way of treating as it is safe.

You cannot treat the area roughly and special care is needed. Seeking doctor’s advice is recommended. Hence, to conclude the complete article on getting rid of unwanted skin tags is completed.