Lee Min Ho Nose Job Surgery: Before and After Photos

If you want a perfect example of the best nose job surgery, then Lee Min Ho can be listed #1. South Korea is the most popular area where you’ll come across most plastic surgery patients when compared with other places in Asia. As per a research, many people, especially Woman love to change their looks by undergoing a plastic surgery.
Had Lee Min Ho Had Plastic Surgery?

Lee Min Ho is one such successful person who’ve undergone a plastic surgery in South Korea. This popular actor who is well known for his Korean drama titled ‘Boys before Flower’ had even admitted that he have undergone the surgery to some parts on his face. When we compare the before and after photos of Lee Min Ho, we can clearly find the changes on his lips and nose.

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures
Lee Min Ho has undergone a nose job which is popularly known as rhinoplasty which changed his nose shape. Now, it looks sharper than before. This was one of the most successful celebrity plastic surgeries why because he became more handsome after having these changes. The second procedure is done on his lips. Earlier, he used to have a sticking out lips which no longer exists after the surgery is done. He now got a nice lip and nose which is suitable for his face.

The combination of rhinoplasty (nose job) and lip surgery had made him to be a new Lee Min ho and girls are more impressed with his current look. What do you think about Lee Min ho’s plastic surgery? Isn’t he handsome? Share your views in the below comments.