93% Of Men Give Up On Dating Sites Within 90 Days Of Start Date

An interesting statistic I noticed was the fact that 93% of men give up on dating sites within 90 days of start date. I thought wow that’s a huge percentage, then I realized how even foreign dating sites are not as easy as they seem. While the reason for giving up prior to 90 days varies there are many similarities between them.

Time Involved

To start with not realizing the time involved can quickly become a deterrent after around 1 week of usage. Many men do not realize that looking for a prospective girlfriend or date is a process even when the site is loaded with women. It quickly becomes a job like process of scanning through hundreds of profiles, then writing to each one that seems appealing. I have even had clients tell me it reminded them of prospecting for business leads in their jobs.

Letter Writing

I personally have seen some real bad introduction letters. Some guys just write as if they are the only guy writing this girl. An important thing to remember is that girl super attractive or average is receiving so many emails that she becomes overwhelmed with responses. The problem is basically the opposite from men. I know most men would be happy to receive responses like these women. While it can be done, it takes a certain kind of skill level. Otherwise you will be right there in the average category with the other hundreds of letters she received. After writing to so many women with little or no response most men will just quit and look at other means of meeting women.


While personally I don’t think that great pictures are as important. They do have to be clean and decent looking. However I have seen some men talk about touching up pics and making them look like basically different people. I tend to think that is more along the lines of misrepresentation. Why not be yourself, pick some of your better photos but do not fake them out. I personally have joined dating sites with no picture at all and received a good amount of responses to my letter writing skills.

Being available

Being available sounds strange but it is definitely effective. Lets say you are on a site that offers chat within the site. You wrote a girl and shortly after she pops up and sends you a hello through the integrated chat. You will be there to receive that response which could lead into a great conversation. I find that if they do not run into you online, they will just move on to the next guy that is online and you lose out. Playing e-mail tag in today’s society isn’t fast enough in that industry. So if you have to schedule times to chat with them, your better off hiring a date consultant to chat for you while you are busy taking care of business.

Attitude is everything

As I wrote an entire article on attitude and confidence recently, I noted that this is one of the most important skills any man can have int he dating world. Attitude and confidence is extremely visible to women and they can sense it through your writing or in person it comes off more as a certain energy that women cannot resist. I remember years ago, there was this guy that went by the name of “Fat Charlie” he was around 340 pounds and a nice guy. It was funny because Fat Charlie always had the hottest girlfriend at his side, pretty much glued to him. We all wondered how in the world is this guy getting these amazing women. It wasn’t just one girlfriend, it was several different ones over a period of around a year. Although Fat Charlie wasn’t the best looking guy, one thing he did have was confidence and attitude that simply attracted the hottest girls to him like a magnet.

These are just a few of the reasons why men give up so quickly after being discouraged from no responses. Online dating sites are not miracles but rather a tool that needs to be perfected in order to be successful in your dating journey.