Blame It On The Gringos

I was reading a few posts lately regarding the sex tourism going on in Medellin. While it is true that some or many gringos go down for pure sexual activities with the beautiful ladies, the media makes it out to be the fault of the bad gringos going down to the country for some ass, that they are tarnishing the reputation. WTF…

This Colombian lady now married to a gringo for the past 4 years is stating how degrading to the country it is and how it tarnishes the reputation. Is that funny or what? Yet she casually forgets to mention that prostitution is a legal activity in Colombia, and that there is a brothel within walking distance of practically anywhere, yes including areas such as Poblado. She casually forgot to mention that a huge amount of local married men go out with prepagos on weekends or stop by these very same brothels during the week. Oh and she forgot to mention that there are thousands of webcam models promoting the city online in a sexual manner. But all this doesn’t matter at all, it’s clearly the gringos and other foreigners that tarnish the reputation of the city making news media outlets everywhere.

The media is a purely biased information source that loves to place blame on anyone else besides the locals. I have never once seen even the smallest news article about a foreigner getting ripped off, robbed at gunpoint or beaten by anyone. Yet these robberies are common ground and go on far more often then foreigners sleeping with local women.

In fact I believe that even if another hundred thousand foreigners showed up to be with the the local women that promote and enjoy that it wouldn’t even make a small dent in the ongoing issues that people casually forget to mention. It’s like a case of amnesia flowing through the minds of these women or media. It’s the classic blame it on everyone else but ourselves.

Would it really make even the slightest difference if foreigners didn’t go to Colombia to meet or sleep with local women? I think either those that say yes either need new a new prescription for glasses or have been so blinded that they don’t even see the reality of the matter.