Dating Ad Complication Differences Between Cultures

While I stopped dating American women in my early twenties, I have heard all the stories from my friends that continue to try the local dating scene. The same way we use cupid for meeting Dominican or Colombian girls which I have to differentiate from the word Latina because I find little difference between the white American girl and the Puerto Rican female as far as complicated goes. Think I am wrong then take J-Lo and put her next to Shakira and while both very beautiful, totally different attitudes which means that just because they are Latina does not give them the same qualities that we seek when we date Dominican or Colombian females. It is also for that reason that tons of Puerto Rican men also seek and marry South American brides.

Dating ads between American women and Colombian women (actual on local ads)

Cute Looking 36 Year Old

Hi Guys, I am single and have been for about 2 years but only because I chose not to settle for less but only the best. I am pretty so no worries, white female nice complexion 5’3 inches tall and I weigh 125 pds and a 32DD all natural.. I am professional. I have 2 sons ages 14,16 and I’m not looking for a dad for them they have one. I’m just looking for someone for me and if I like you then maybe months or even a year down the road I may let you say hi to them. I enjoy sports preferably baseball, basketball, football and tennis.. I also love the beach, boating, wine bars, fishing and anything outdoors, fine dinning Japanese being my favorite. I’m looking for someone that is exciting has a sense of humor and knows what he wants out of life, someone who compliments me meaning you need to have style no how to dress have class, nice straight white teeth, have your own place and a job and when I say your own place no roommates.. I am into white men preferably although I do not discriminate just fit the bill.. If you’d like a pic please send one first and I will reply with one back if your my type, sorry I don’t have a pic up but I’m cute and I don’t want everyone wasting my time sending messages knowing there not for me.. I’m 36 but look 25, no older than 36 please and must be 6′ tall minimum.

Might as well get a notepad out to make sure that you qualify for all of these demands. It just seems so complicated, maybe its just the fact that for years I have been used to the Colombian dating ads instead which as you’ll see below usually have no complications and if they do, they are probably a mistake from language barriers.

Let’s evaluate this, she is already 36 and she is still single and this picky, OK. The man must make good money first off to satisfy her fine dining and boating adventures, why put that in a singles ad? She says she is good looking, however I’d bet if we put her up to a Colombian dating ad, she would be a 5 most likely. She might let the guy see and meet her kids after a year, I would say keep those single shoes on because its gonna be a while. Someone who compliments her, Ok so this means like tomato’s compliment a hamburger or an umbrella compliments a deck table, I think that anyone really would be complimenting to a 36 year old with 2 kids if they liked her. She gives her titty size which is reassuring to know they will be nice double d cups at least. But overall very complicated, how does a girl like this ever get a date?

Now an actual Colombia girl ad

Colombian 32 Single, looking for someone nice

Normally they never write pretty but in this case she wants to emphasize her beauty which is fine because she doesn’t seek it in return like a competition.

Single 5’4 thin, I have a beautiful daughter 7, I enjoy the outdoors, taking a walk in the park, the movies and sometimes having a beer with friends. I am looking for a nice man, age not important, a man that doesn’t cheat and treats me well. I am educated and work with family and would really like to find someone that we can enjoy each others company. I am very affectionate and love to spend quiet time with someone.

The message is simple, she is selling herself because she is not only un complicated, but she knows the competition is fierce, she knows she is getting up there in age, in Colombian standards I have heard many times that women above 30 have little chance left, for work or for marriage. For this reason they try like hell to get married before they reach 30 and funny thing is that almost all of the girls that I am friends with over the years are now turning around 27- 30 range are all now married. She put no limitations in the ad such as above, must be 6′ plus, must be this or must be that. She just wants someone who accepts her and her daughter plain and simple.

There are many Colombian ads that state age ranges in Cupid, however remember that the field is required and they just pick a field but few stick to that goal. Another thing is sometimes they put down they have average bodies but they are really smoking hot women. it could be language barrier, or it could be they are much more humble in a world of beautiful women.

So you tell me, who wins this battle? Neither ad has pictures but guaranteed the 32 year is much hotter, personality wise she is much hotter already.

These are the differences in dating ads today, it might be changing as time moves forward and America is the poster child for cultures to catch up to, well at least until the newest BRICS gets approved. Otherwise it becomes obvious why American men become adamant about dating foreign women, especially men that work hard, that have the resources to embark on such a thing. I personally will never regret having the world very small in my mind when it comes to dating