Dating: Competition Rising Among Locals

Lot’s of new manufacturing showing up in the United States, most notably as of recent is the huge influx of American apparel companies. These companies are flourishing by spreading the words “Made in the USA” whether it be denim, leather, shoes or even the latest Blue Shoe Lace Project that went to some of the largest retailers and asked why don’t you sell USA made products? They replied “Our customers don’t want American made products.” They call bullshit and so do I.

American women gaining heavy competition locally

The same goes for women in the United States, as the borders continue to stay loosely open, it creates massive competition for the local girls forcing them to ease up on the ridiculous habits of thinking all men are desperate for them.  We will always have those men that consistently put women up on pedestals and get played over and over that make it tougher for everyone.

Desperate men in human resource positions giving the job to a good looking female over a male due to desperation starts to get sickening but its the way of the world now, it continually gives women this strange chip and feeds this disease, but nevertheless the competition is moving at a rapid pace and will force a slowdown in girls being overly abusive towards men.

However even with those men in pure desperation the massive incoming competition and population increases the hard stance and control that women took in the past will begin to slow. The hard economic times will dictate more couples once again coming together as needed.

The changes that are coming to American dating

These American women are seeing the differences in sex appeal, better bodies, much more beautiful hair and nails and begin to not be so tight nosed when it comes to men asking them out and the average guy is starting to see the attitudes of women that aren’t as lawyer laced and propped up by thousands of desperate men. As in Colombia while men hit on women, they never make these women to be the last woman on earth. There is a clear problem with American men these days when it comes to dating and acting around women.

In the United States we are dealing with a tremendous cognitive dissidence of people being locked into their own little worlds, not seeing whats going on around them, nor caring. As reality sets further in, both men and women begin to open their eyes, they begin to notice that what that weird guy told them a year back is actually coming true. That America is not on the right path, that things are much worse now then they were in the 90’s. That we may very well be drinking filtered piss water in the next few years as certain other countries do as we continually get lied to. It forces people into safety mode and they would prefer to stay uninformed and not think about this type of thing everyday.

The good news is that each month more and more people begin to realize, hey I can help and I can support domestic manufacturing. Even though we have battles between excessive taxing and raising minimum wages on these small businesses, we can still make it. Instead of hiring 5 employees we hire 4 and we battle those against small business and middle class in the USA. I always check food labels, even though there are laws protecting foreign labels and loopholes that allow them to sell foreign shit as US made, I still try to do my own research and eat only domestic. I am now finding that I would prefer American made jeans or American made shirts by far for both quality and great materials. Sure it costs an extra few dollars but so worth it in the long run.

Since I was 21 I have preached that the world is small and men should never settle for any woman. These days however, as someone that grew up in the 90’s, living through some of the best times this country has seen, and knowing when we are clearly under attack. Not to mention some of the health issues of these foreign made foods are imposing on us. I am all for being patriotic and supporting our local small businesses, those very same small businesses are what has grown America and sustained America for so long in the first place.

I have to say given the choice, if the obnoxious attitudes slowed with American women, there are less complexities in the cultural differences and tons of beautiful Americans as well and a much less expensive endeavor by far.  The dating competition becomes revived among locals.