Dominican Alternative

My good friend Patrick from the Dominican journals pics here on this site wanted me to post that for all of you guys having a difficult time finding good Colombian girls for serious relationships online or are even looking for a Latin wife that the Dominican Alternative exists and is very real and good.

After going through Dominican Cupid he found several girls in Santiago that seemed good. However the very first one he met turned out to be that one. I asked him why is he so sure she is good? He said to start with she is always home, whenever he calls the house she is home. She is simple, she never asks for things, any things at all. He recommends things to her if he feels she needs them, but at this point anyone would be doing the same as they are only 2 weeks away from marriage. Her family welcomes him with open arms when he fly’s in.

She is not looking for anything in particular like schooling upon arrival or to send money back home while here. He has been with over 20 different Colombian girls earlier so he kind of knows what he is dealing with or not by now.His judgement is most likely on point. She is 19 years younger than him and yet they are an excellent match and get along real well, for all those haters out there that think men should go out with women the same age.

He is excited to get married in a couple of weeks and even more excited to get the visa ready for her flight over. There are many good factors going on now that seem to give Dominican a nice stance over whats going in Colombia right now. Dominican Republic only has gringos in resorts, such as Puerta Plata, Sosua and Punta Cana. Places like Santiago or Santo Domingo really do not have any gringos at all aside from a few, nothing like Medellin and Bogota now. You can find some really super Dominican girls, you can find bad ones too just be careful or seek advice while making any decisions.

If any of you want to take a shot in Dominican Republic, just click the cupid banner below to get started. I recommend the Santiago girls, but I have seen some stunners in Santo Domingo as well.

Good luck in your search.