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My good friend Patrick has just submitted the paperwork for his lovely Santiago wife that will probably be in the U. S. I would say in around 6 months from now. I say that since Vermont service center always seems to have the shortest time frame as far as getting the paperwork done and sending the package to his wife for the interview.

If he lived in Florida or Texas instead of new York he would have to send all the paperwork to the California service center which either A. has a similar workforce speed wise to that of Wal Mart. Or B. has tons more cases with a much larger coverage area. I tend to lean towards B, even though the North East especially Jersey and New York are packed with horny fuckers marrying these hot latinas, it still doesn’t compete with the petitions from Florida all the way out west. In fact it’s kind of strange why they do it that way, but it is what it is. They used to have a Texas service center along with California that helped, but I noticed that on my second of third Colombian petition they had forwarded it from Texas to California and the wait was right as it said it was 6 month for approval, then 2 more months for her to arrive post interview.

The interview times are a pain in the ass, especially for Medellin girls. However this is the time some lies and manipulation usually starts, if your lucky you will catch it and it will open your eyes.

She will have to go through the process in Bogota, this process will take every bit of 3 business days. So plan on a hotel in Bogota for her, a trip over to Bogota from Medellin, a doctors visit (make sure she gets the women doctor) apparently the male doctor has some issues all over the internet that you may not want to subject your girl to that kind of abuse.

I will say it is much better if you can fly into Bogota and do this with her. This is a time for organization as there are things that have to be done perfectly in order to work at exact times and several of them. Each and everything she does will cost cash and if you are in the states each time you send cash over thinking its enough, it won’t be.

You will send the cash over for a flight, but she will take the bus and pocket a few hundred. Hopefully she will tell you she is taking the bus. If she is a prepago she will actually catch the flight as she is used to flying all over to begin with. All those flights over to Costa Rica, Panama, Cartegena, Bogota and Santa Marta. She won’t consider taking the bus. If she is a cam girl or just a University weekender at the finca partys, she will still take the bus, so that will save you a few bucks.

My buddies babe from Santiago only has to go around 40 minutes to Santo Domingo for the interview and he will probably be there as well as he goes down almost monthly now as it is. I will keep you posted on how the interview works out in Santo Domingo as it will be my first experience with that, although i’m sure it will be similar.