Dominican Wife Closer To Arriving In The United States

Some of you that have followed this blog might be interested to know what is going on with the lovely wife from Santiago Dominican Republic of my good friend in New York. It turns out the reason I am writing this post is that I had the chance to see my friend after a while this past week. He is gearing up for the arrival of his new wife. It took longer then planned, I actually had thought she already arrived but I was wrong. he has traveled each and every month since the marriage and he is also flying down to Dominican the week before her arrival in order to fly back with her.

Funny how each time I did a fiance visa I never did fly with them to get here to the USA, I always just met them at the airport in Miami. One time, I thought she didn’t make it as the immigration held her for questioning at the airport for several hours prior to her getting into the waiting area. I finally took a mile walk to the Avianca counter at MIA and the lady called, questioned and sure enough she was sure it was her that was held back for 3 hours. It is for that reason I now recommend flying back with them if possible as it may be overwhelming for some of these chicks.

It was cool to see my friend, he seemed excited and happy. I told him to look forward to all the idiots that will stare at him due to the age difference. He was like me, he really could give a shit what these assholes think around us. We began talking about it and I told him that it would be couples, usually some married mid 40s woman with a husband the exact same age and he would be so whipped that she would begin the staring and he would follow. Hey whatever works for them with the ridiculous jealousy issues. Some day they may realize that women age and mature much sooner then men, age difference should not be an issue when they are both adults. I have yet to figure it out, but I can say this, every time I witnessed it where ever I was, there was always an older usually fatter woman involved. So we talked about that for a while, then we moved on to how she will be when leaving the airport, sometimes crying horrendously but the DR is so close and she has very little family, only her mom and dad that surely she will be back to see often enough.

It was that very same day that I posted an ad on a major real estate blog seeking a real estate agent which stated:

“Seeking a realtor to purchase a home in a certain area, please non liberal conservatives only reply”.

It was short because they limit the amount of words you can put as a question. Prior to putting that I checked the laws if it was discrimination and it was not. I know how much someone would love to jump all over that one and surely they checked as well. Turned out, the post went somewhat viral, it had gotten responses from realtors all over the USA mostly good. Some responded without reading the entire 14 words, they read only the first 9 and responded, others left shitty comments but whatever. It is within my rights to choose someone that I feel comfortable with to be my realtor and allow to make money from my transaction. Low and behold, the very next day the post was censored and removed with a lie attached. It stated “this post has been removed by it’s author”. I thought what a crock of shit, everyone trying to censor everything today. It’s like how often in the past was freedom of speech imposed upon so much as it is today. Perhaps I wasn’t looking and it was back then as well but today it is obvious and ridiculous.

I thought ok, lets see who owns this website and I found that it was a company based in San Francisco so I canceled my membership right away and realized that honestly I will pick and choose who I decide to do business with in the future, rather then assuming a company will support freedom as we know it. I will expose them and hopefully some less then pussies will also make the decision to stop supporting those who suppress our freedoms.

So we continued chatting and he asked several things as this will be his first time getting married to a foreign woman. I told him the truth, I told him as good as it is now and as much as we hope it works, there is truly a 50 50 shot so that he needs to prepare well, he needs surveillance in the house immediately. Now he normally disagreed and laid some points out, but since he has been heavily burned before by an American demon, he will cover his ass and this is quite obvious if you look back to the prenuptial he had signed as well before the marriage and the costs involved with that. He is willing to accept the fact that this marriage may not make it while staying positive. We all have to remember, these marriages have a low percentage just like any marriage today. Things have changed 360 degrees and it is tough out there. he searched for that simple good girl with both parents in tact, he did more then his homework, he spent years searching. he realized Colombia was not for him and his ways. He dug deeper to find that truly simple easy speaking non abrasive girl that he really thinks will work and due to the amount of work he put in (years in comparison to most), it really should work, he deserves it.

Dominican ladies are not really recommended for most as they never usually get past that first layer of Santo Domingo and truly seek out a good wife. They are around, they just really have to be found. I wish him well and will keep you posted on his progress.