Double Your Dating

When it comes to Dating Guides, who is the number one option to look at? It has to be the worlds number one author in this field, the one and only David DeAngelo. And when I wanted to publish a review on his world leading publication Double Your Dating, what better way than to have a woman review it. So, I asked my friend, Evette Champion, to review what she thought about the Double Your Dating guide.

Women are a mysterious breed. Believe me, I know. Sometimes they are easy to get to know, while other ladies are damn near impossible to get close to, even as a woman it can be that way for me too. Sometimes it may even feel like you keep finding those that are a closed book. No matter how hard you try to get to know them, they either keep you at arm’s length, or they do let you in and you’re stuck in the friend-zone. I know, because I keep lots of guys there. This is where I find that the Double Your Dating guides really helps a lot of guys.

In the eBook, Double Your Dating, and the other products available from Double Your Dating, you will learn information that will enhance your desirability to women. For example, you know that go-to pick up line? You know, that one that doesn’t seem to work as well as you hope it would? In Chapter 6, you will know why that “Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven” line rarely, if ever, works. Instead, you will learn what you should do if you want to start talking to a woman that you are interested in. Also, you will learn what flirty questions to ask a girl and not get a drink poured on your lap!

Of course, that isn’t the only thing you’ll learn in this book. There are several activities that you can do that will help you develop the self-confidence you need that will give you the ability to approach any woman in any circumstance. Sure, it sounds like a big claim, but that is all it really takes — an unshakable inner confidence, and something that you can build with practice.

You’ll find that when you start reading Double Your Dating, you will learn ways that will grab a woman’s attention and keep it. In Chapter 2, you’ll learn how to manage your image to meet the perfect woman you want. Chapter 4 focuses on body language, and after reading it, you will understand the subtle changes in her body language that will let you know if you are making a good impression or not, and when you can take the next step.

Of course, the products in the Double Your Dating line isn’t just about how to get the woman who’s sparked your attention, but how to keep her interested. So its great for guys who have a girl, but want to renew the energy and passion in their relationship. There are three other products that you will receive when you purchase the eBook.

In the first Booklet, Bridges How to get from Very First Meeting to the Bedroom, it expands on the things you learned in Double Your Dating and provides you with useful tips on how to seduce your woman and have her begging for more.

The second Booklet, Sex Secrets How to Turn A Woman On, Satisfy Her in a Big Way, and Get Her to do the Things You’ve Always Wanted, you’ll have key information that will give you some ideas for sexy questions to ask your girlfriend that will definitely get her in the mood for some adult fun, as well as learn some facts about her that you may not have known before.

For the third Booklet, The 8 Personality Types That Naturally Attract Women, they break down the 8 personality types that women are naturally drawn to and away from. You will learn what “psychological triggers” leave women lusting for you, and how to flip those triggers in your favor. I must admit, I learnt a lot myself by reading this one.

So if you’re tired of having a less than stellar dating life and want to kick it into overdrive, Double Your Dating is the obvious choice, as it is jam packed with useful information that many men are oblivious to, and some women too. So take my advice, its worth it. A lot of my friends would enjoy having a few more guys better educated in this area.

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