Feminism And The Future

Why do we prefer foreign women?

Is it because of the beauty? For some it might be, I mean the sheer beauty alone is a big incentive for a lot of guys. Just the thought about sleeping with a beautiful foreign girl every night would almost seem to be enough of a reason to marry one. Although a marriage based on that alone would most likely not make it after the honeymoon phase of the first six months. Marriages based purely on sexuality never make it. Normally in those circumstances the couple don’t really get along the times not having sex. Many men in Colombia marry for the purpose of having the youngest hottest girl they can. Some of those marriages actually work but I think it’s more the girl stays around for economical purposes, for convenience. In fact I knew a Colombian girl from Pereira that I met here in the U.S that had escaped a real bad situation in Colombia. She flew into NJ to stay with a cousin, she had no intentions of returning to Colombia. She was beautiful around 5′ 10″ 130 pounds,and the relationship she had was purely abuse, it was obvious this guy married her only for her beauty.

Do we prefer foreign women for their loyalty?

As most know, not all are loyal but there are an abundance of them that are. I would have to say the loyalty factor is stronger in Colombia than in the United States at this point. In fact I would go out on a limb and say that I think even an ex prostitute from Colombia would offer more loyalty than a large majority of the modern feminists we currently live close to. The anti family way of the country we see and live in on a daily basis. This in itself was enough for me to look elsewhere and not get caught into the constant battles of the confusing anti family ways of today. Feminism has practically killed family values and it has become tougher to find some of those conservative family type women year after year. Luckily in a few places like Colombia still exist women that value family at a higher rate. Many U.S. women are even pissed off at the modern feminist of today causing such negative impact on all women.

Do we prefer foreign women because they are easier to find?

For some this might be the case as it is true. It is much easier to find a loving, beautiful, affectionate family value woman in other parts of the world.Although searching long distance can sometimes be a hell of alot more difficult when adding in the search, flight, time away from home ect. For some of us, it doesn’t matter, it is still well worth the trouble. It could be the fact that they are more willing to go out with someone for other reasons than just physical or how much cash they have. It could be that they are willing to go out with someone that will actually love them and treat them well enough to be able to raise a family with. Just take a look at the U.S. dating sites of today, the part that says she will only consider a guy making over 100k and other similar things that are really sickening. Personally I never had a problem meeting and dating North American women, I just found really quickly after dating them that the current attitude just wasn’t something that I wanted to live with. I also found that some of the local girls really think they have more to offer than what they truly do or can offer, commanding all kinds of pre requisites to be able to date them.

Will Colombia follow this trend?

It already has started to follow the trend but the fact that it will eventually take over doesn’t seem practical to me as the ratio of women to men in Colombia will always be around that 7 to 1 mark. The problem is that the attitudes will definitely change and probably for the worst. It is noticeable now and I can only imagine how it will be 10 years from now in Colombia. Never mind the fact that sex tourism and heavy gringo spending might kill things just like Costa Rica in the long run. Modern feminism is a poison that creates damage and only gets worse in time. Less and less people are getting married in the U.S. so it shows divorce rates as being slightly lower. Surely they are slightly lower, but marriage rates are extremely lower at the same time. It is important to remember that foreign women aren’t good for everyone. Everyone has certain things in mind when looking to get married and a good Colombian chica might not be the correct fit. So the best thing is to learn more about the culture, learn about the bad possible things that can happen with them, weigh the differences and decide if the move is right for you as well.