Funny Questions To Ask People

Sometimes you just want to have some funny questions to ask people, whether it is to fight boredom or make your life more interesting, or make someone elses life more interesting. This page is designed to be something that gives you inspiration for some funny conversations.

If you are not someone who is considered funny, you can still find funny questions to ask people, or learn to be funny so this list could very well help you.

It is best if you dont over think these questions, as they are designed to be quite random and to catch people off guard at times, however, we would say that in some situations you might not want to just blurt them out. Being funny is great, but being random and weird isnt necessarily a good thing. Anyway, this is a fun page, so lets get on with it!

Funny questions to ask people

1. What cartoon character are you?

Can we choose pop-eye?

2. What fruit are you?

Some people actually take this question very seriously.

3. When did you realize I was so cool to talk to?

A little bit of arrogance can be very funny. Say it with a smile though.

4. Which animal has the best looking legs?

Funny purely for its randomness.

5. If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

A very good point!

6. If having a job is so good, why do we get paid for it?

We had to think about this one for a few seconds

7. What is the furthest you would walk in your pajamas/underwear?

This is probably more funny for the conversations that can lead off from it.

8. Fill in the blank I am a closet____fan

I am a closet closet fan anyone? no~?

9. What color is your toothbrush?

You might think this one isnt particularly funny, but if there has been a long silence and this is used to start up the conversation again, we bet it will get a laugh.

10. Who would you most/least like to see naked in this group?


11. If electricity comes from electrons, does morality comes from morons?

This one is too clever for its own good, but it makes us laugh.

12. Do you dance crazily when nobody is looking?/Do you sing in the shower?

We did once, it was overrated.

13. Can you daydream at night?

We think the success of this question comes down to timing.

14. Can night workers give up their day job?

This is one of those stupid questions that can get a chuckle or too when used correctly.

15. How does sex work from start to finish?

Well, when a man loves a woman

16. Why are the holes in cats fur always in the right place for their eyes?

This one made us laugh for a long time when we first heard it.