Girls Are Pretty Hot Looking With The Very Light Skin Usually Coming From Santiago

After all this chat about Dominican Republic lately, my buddy getting married in Santiago and a few readers taking weekends over there. I thought why not catch a few days and relax. Tons of work lately and was able to find a reasonable round trip flight to Santo Domingo.

It’s funny, no matter how many hot babes are around and how much fun you can have locally, its still way more fun when you get out of the country for a few days. It must be the exotic factor about it. Think about it, fucking the same chick in the U. S. or hooking up with some foreign chick i n the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Colombia or even Panama, just the fact that you are out of your element makes it much better. For me personally, I like to get away, whether just going out, going to the beach. Its all better when out of the country for me anyways. It has been a little while since hitting Pereira or Medellin and frankly it’s been nice to take a break from there for a while. However, while away if you love Colombian ass, you find yourself wanting to catch that flight here and there. For me as I mentioned many times before, 3 or 4 days in Colombia kind of sucks. When I go I like to go for a month minimum, ideally 3 months.

It has been a while for me to hit the DR, although I am very familiar as I have gone at least 30 or 40 times previously. In fact I used to catch a flight over at least once a month. It’s a great place to go when your short for time and you live in Florida. The flight is right around 2 hours, cheap and the time is good.

Although I had gone many times in the past, its been long enough that I didn’t want to bother with any of the girls I had previously known over there. I joined Dominican Cupid and starting writing to a few girls that appealed to. One of the girls responded the first day, she was pretty hot. Actually reminded me of this Paisa cam girl that I call some afternoons if nothing is going on. Her face looked nice, the pictures didn’t show too clear her body, plus you really can’t tell that much from the pics as I have learned. We begin talking through the msn, I asked her to meet me at the airport in the afternoon.

I arrive and she was there, not bad at all. Nice body around 5’2″ 115, tan complexion with soft hair that is pretty short, not really my thing but who cares. We seem to hit it off upon the meet up, chemistry seemed good enough, after 1 or 2 kisses I developed the urge to bang this girl and I knew it was gonna happen right away. I check in at the Apart Hotel Roma as fast as possible with all the passport bullshit. The price was $55.00 per night that I paid in U. S. cash since I had not changed any money as of yet.

The girl with me giggled as we kissed a few more times while waiting for the front desk to give me the key, she copped a feel here and there as I felt her hand over my jeans kinda scratching in. Finally we open the room, I drop the small bag that I brought and we start making out. I go for it right away un doing her jeans and without hesitation she helped and started going for mine. Here we go with that amazing feeling of this hot chick getting naked within minutes of knowing her in person and she is loving life too at this point. I look down at this really nice skin on her naked ass and I grab one of her legs and put it up on the bed and start banging her from behind while standing next to the bed, shortly after we move into the bed completely and I have to say so far this trip is going way better then planned. I take her shirt up and start feeling these tits too and although on the smaller nipple side for me, they were nice. She was into it, talking to me as we banged and had this serious type face going on.

It was over and I called the front desk to see if we could call for Pizza. Sure enough they had a Dominos that delivered and gave me the number. I ordered a large pizza and a coke. We ate, talked and watched some tv for a while, she showered and when she got out I made her cum once again that night and soon after she had to go. It was during the week and she worked in the morning at some kind of battery store. That night I just relaxed in the hotel and made it an early night. Trying to catch Fox news but it seemed it wasn’t available.

The morning came and I was waken by the phone, I answered and it was Yamile, the girl from last night. She said good morning and wanted to see if after work she was coming over, I said sure, come on over. I ended up taking a taxi over to Boca Chica to spend some time on the beach and they have this place over there to buy boxes of cigars on the cheap. While relaxing on the beach, I order a beer and relax in the sun for an hour with all the German female tourists laying out topless, most looking real bad. Even still I am sure they had absolutely no interest in some gringo tourist on this trip. Didn’t matter, I had no interest in hooking up that afternoon, I knew I would hit my favorite massage place on the way back from the beach that I always hit on previous trips. It seems after the beach no matter where in the world you are, a massage is perfect. In Rio after the beach we all hit the termas, in the DR after the beach we hit the massage place, in Barcelona after the beach, nothing better then a massage. It just seems to work well. Kind of like Cafe Quindio the best gourmet coffee in the morning, while Folgers is good, it’s just not the same.

It’s around 3pm, I ate some fish at this place right on the beach, lots of girls on the beach offering massage but the last time I did that their hands were so rough it just felt like shit. I jump in the water for a few minutes and head off to the massage place. I go inside and they have around 5 girls and the manager, the girls are not bad in fact 2 are pretty hot looking with the very light skin usually coming from Santiago. I picked one of those and went to the room. In this place they do what ever you like, if you want to fuck they fuck. I preferred a nice massage and a happy ending hand job, she must not have understood me because she got up on the table in the 69 position and I had to stop her. There was no way I wanted that pussy in my face from a place like that. So I told her no. Si si chupame si quieres, pero solo eso. I finished and really enjoyed the massage as well.

My taxi guy waited the whole time, so I got in the cab and wanted to make sure I arrived back to shower before Yamile arrived. Plus I would like to get at least a couple hours of sleep prior to her arrival.