Gringo Finds Out His Colombian Girlfriend Is Cheating And Makes A Surprise Visit

I was having lunch with a a couple of girls I know in Medellin. One of which had a boyfriend from the United States. I never met the guy but I heard about him through this girl and her sister that I have known for a couple of years while living in Colombia. He was a younger guy apparently on the naive side when it comes to dating Colombian girls. It was probably his first girlfriend from Medellin. Just a guess, but probably true. His girlfriend was good looking, very large natural tits on a slim body with wavy dark brown long hair to her waist. She has a very strong Paisa accent that was so strong we sometimes laughed at the way she spoke. She seemed like a nice girl and to be honest I was surprised when this whole thing went down.

The gringo traveled several times to visit her and stayed a week at a time here and there. They were dating for around 6 months according to her. He was dating her long enough that he fell for the typical common manipulation that flows on the dating scene. On his next trip to visit her he brought her a nice Dell Laptop computer with speakers and separate keyboard and a couple other things. He had visited her house on various occasions as she lived with her mom as most do. He apparently became somewhat familiar with Medellin. This girl actually over the few years in her young life, had learned some English. She did very well speaking English to other gringos that had previously visited her. In fact she was no newbie to dating foreign men. The thing is, this whole time while dating foreign men including this boyfriend, she had another long term boyfriend that she had been with for at least a couple years. She was somehow able to manage to see these foreigners while at the same time keeping a local man.

This gringo boyfriend makes a surprise visit to Medellin and somehow spots this girl with her Colombian boyfriend. Instead of appearing he stayed quiet about it and made sure what he was seeing was correct.

The next day comes around and I happened to be eating out with these two girls lunch at one of my favorite lunch places in the Oviedo mall. The girlfriend gets a call from her mom. The mom tells her her gringo boyfriend stopped by to take the computer. The mom allowed him in and he grabbed his computer and accessories and casually told the mom thanks and bye and took off. She starts yelling at the table in Spanish to the mom “mommy he has no right to take that computer.” and repeating and repeating loud. I understood the whole thing and honestly was glad to hear this guy took his shit back. I know allot of guys will say he shouldn’t have, but in actuality she defrauded him first. She knowingly deceived him when she met him. Possibly in her mind the fact that she bangs him is enough for him to supply her with computers.

It is like the rules of an engagement ring. The rules are if the engagement doesn’t work out, she gives the ring back. It is amazing how many girls suddenly don’t know this rule.

She continued yelling and freaking out at the table. She told her mom to call the police, she asked her mom where did he go, she was going nuts and I loved it as I knew she deserved it and probably much more from all the other pussies that bought her stuff under deceit.

Men venturing into the Medellin dating scene need to always be one step above these extremely innocent women.