How To Pick Up A Colombian Girl

For the most part, the Colombian girls are very down to earth. Lets say your walking around a Uni Centro mall in Medellin and you spot a hot looking babe working in the Levis store. Just go in, and start to talk with her, maybe look at some jeans and ask a few questions.

Like where are some cool places to go in the evenings. I’m sure unless she is slammed in the store she will gladly respond. Just invite her to go. These girls are much more open to meeting for a date and love to go out any chance they get.

On the major roads or around the areas close to where your staying, there are always single girls walking around that would love the chance to go out to a nice dinner or to a club in Medellin. Don’t be afraid to talk with them, even if they are super hot don’t worry, 99% they will be happy to go. Maybe one of the employees at your hotel. A while back I was in Bogota for a few days during the Thanksgiving holiday. I really didn’t know many people in Bogota but I went with a friend to help him around meeting a few girls. I had no dates for me set up so the girl at the front desk was pretty hot, I came down and spoke to her for a while, she spoke English. The next night we were out after her shift. She was extremely happy I asked.

When you get the chance to take one out, don’t be shy, go for the kiss, be affectionate, they love that and will think your strange or cold if you don’t go for that. As far as taking her back to your room right away, it could happen, but usually it will take a couple dates or at least a cool night out at a club.

These girls fall in love hard, and once there in love they wont let up, you will be receiving calls everyday in your room from her. She will expect you to only see her for the rest of your trip, unless otherwise noted prior. I remember my last trip to Pereira I was walking in El Centro area of town shopping for shoes and I met this 20 year old smoking hot sales girl, I started talking to her about certain shoes that I wanted and before you know she was giving me her number to go out the next night. One of those girls that here in the States would never give her number or be an asshole about it, possible rejection. But this hot girl was more then willing to go have some fun, eat out or hit a decent club in town.

Just go for it guys, you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass the rest of the trip saying shit, I should have asked that chick when she smiled. It might be a good alternative if those lame dating sites aren’t working