How To Pick Up Girls While in Colombia

Some people make the task of asking a girl out to be a much more difficult task then it really seems. In fact after a while in Medellin or whatever city in Colombia you are at, you will find that the approach should be very natural and easy. If you are used to the guidelines in the U.S. you will have to make some changes as those guidelines become nil and void. The guidelines of where you don’t do it simply because she appears to be 23 and you are 40. Or the times you simply do not ask because she is an 8 or 9 that you figure has got to be taken anyways. Maybe it’s one of those times you see her looking at you but you never ask and you kick yourself in the ass for not asking later on.

This sort of mentality must change if you want to be successful in meeting beautiful women in Colombia. Unlike the majority in the United States you will find that most of the beautiful girls in Colombia (not all) are very down to earth and actually would be pleased by the fact that you even made an attempt to ask her out. You will also find that a great majority of them if they are single will accept the invitation or give you her number. The fear factor of rejection always comes to mind since, rejection among the U.S younger beautiful girls is much more common usually for material reasons.

When seeing a girl that you might be interested in or at least to get to know better, she will usually give you a sign such as eye contact, a smile or even a hello. This could be from just being nice, or it could be advising you of the interest or at least curiosity of finding out more about you. The starting conversation will always be simple just on the mere fact that you are foreign. Although the novelty of being foreign isn’t as strong as it was years ago due to the major influx of foreigners moving south, it will still be a good starting point for the beginning conversation.

If I am not buying anything and I really want to get to know her better, I will simply go over and ask her to break a bill, or let me borrow her pen, or anything just to break the toughest part of generating that starting point that is usually the most difficult. Once you start conversing about that question you had asked, and again do not worry if you do not speak Spanish, this is usually not a problem. I have done both, prior to living there and just visiting I did not know Spanish and always got numbers just fine. While knowing Spanish I find the only change is the fact that you can actually converse with a sense of humor which will work towards your advantage every time. She will typically ask you where you are from and if not, just think of some questions to ask her about her city or where is great to go have lunch. If she mentions a club or restaurant, just ask her if she is willing to go with you, since you really do not know many people in this city. Doesn’t have to be exact like that but similar and 9 out of 10 times this will work. Once you have that number, you will usually be banging her in that same few days, or at least dating her if you are super slow to move in for the bang. I like to bang as soon as possible to know whether that part of the relationship will be good or not. So many times you wait and finally you get them naked and there is either a hygiene problem, or your just not compatible sexually. They are very sexually open and typically you won’t have to wait longer than a date or two. Basically no game playing like you find here locally, to them if the moment feels right, they go for it. The way it should be all over. These games are just ridiculous and way to much work.

Another great thing to do that works well is just invite them to go eat some ice cream at one of those places on every corner. This way you wont have to waste a whole night without least getting a feel of what she is like alone with you. Most would love that invitation and take you up right away on it.