How To Use Colombian Cupid The Right Way

I have written a few times about the need to use Colombian Cupid if you have decided to embark on the Colombian wife or girlfriend finding journey. Although I have written that the use of the cupid tool is imperative during this search even if living in Colombia, I have not written about how to effectively use it.

There are several reasons guys fly over to Colombia, you can pretty much categorize each group in its own category, but one thing to note is that even though the groups vary vastly, and even though the spring like weather and views are amazing, there is no denying the beautiful bodies all around no matter where in the Medellin area a person is.

Is Colombian Cupid good for all areas of Colombia?

While the majority is using it for Medellin right now, it is also highly used in Bogota, Cali, Pereira and Manizales as well as smaller cities around. The smaller cities will be far easier to weed through as Medellin is packed with gringos at this point. Due to the volume of online Medellin women and ultra liberal articles on the net on how wonderful the place is, which it really is if you go for a vacation and are smart about it. I am just waiting for the articles to start rolling in how how safe Egypt is to bring back tourism. Come on my liberal friends, don’t start slacking now, we got some convincing to do. Perhaps a NY times article or two should do the trick.

Becoming a member on Colombian Cupid

First things first, you must sign up and become a member. You can use the browse feature without signing up, but believe me, this feature while decent misses allot of the newest girls that have joined and also the date they have joined which comes in handy as I explain further down. To become a regular member which I recommend is only a small monthly fee that you can cancel at any time so when you are packed with responses and developed enough Medellin girls in your msn just allow it to cancel and then later use the card to sign up again. So even though it is the best tool to use, It is also the cheapest tool to use.

Is there better? There may be better dating sites that don’t make you work so hard but are far more expensive and tougher to find these days.

  1. Make a decent profile, you don’t have to go nuts and use professional pictures, just be yourself and load a couple average shots, don’t be fake. Don’t load a picture of your car, this is ridiculous and its the best way to attract the GFE’s
  2. Never respond to anyone that has written to you, I find these girls to be the most motivated to find a gringo. usually speak English as well.
  3. Put together a very short letter template, do not talk about previous relationships or any garbage, she may ask but really she is not interested.
  4. Now begin a search, do not limit yourself by setting certain criteria in the search, these girls do not speak English and may not read the questions correctly and put fat instead of thin. They may put the wrong ages down, they may put no kids but really have one, do not trust these profiles are correct because usually only half are. They might have filled it out without really reading just to quickly open an account.
  5. Weed through and eliminate the non marriage material on first glance category. If you do not know what this is, I suggest you read much more of this website to know. You will never be able to eliminate all of the GFE’s but try your best, many will be obvious.
  6. Send out the template letter, you will find that several of the girls will have more than one profile just to catch you sending out mass emails or to play you. You cannot stop the jealous nature of these girls. Don’t worry if they have multiple profiles you don’t want them anyways, garbage pile.
  7. Send out around 20 a day if possible. You will not get as many responses as you would think in a place like Medellin, but keep in mind these girls if attractive are getting hundreds of emails. You are not the only guy sending out emails. In fact Colombian cupid is not really a gringo site, many Colombian guys join Colombian cupid as well to date the locals. Even if you get allot of responses, you should keep the garbage pile close as much of it will be exactly that. If you get 20 responses 18 of them will probably be garbage and yes after the initial weeding. It takes work, this is not a sign up and get good women on the first go deal.
  8. Once they respond, send them another letter, letting them know you will be in the Medellin area in the next few weeks and would like to meet them for a coffee. Ask for a number or an msn and build those numbers, speak to them as the trip gets closer eliminate the flakes. Once they know you are really coming they will be more receptive. Lots of gringos sign up and write but never show up, so tough for them to build trust in your right away.

Keep everything short and sweet, long letters suck and nobody wants to read the drama. Plus the fact that she is using a translator to read it, keep it simple. Have confidence and know that she will respond to you instead of the long story writers.

If you need more help with this, feel free to ask me a question in the ask a question section, leave a comment or browse through the other material in the Medellin dating sections.

One of the biggest mistakes is tons of people joining Colombia Cupid thinking it can be used just like an American dating site. As far as features go yes, in fact it has an awesome chat feature and no question you get allot for the money but in order to be successful at finding a good Colombian girlfriend or Colombian wife, you need to focus and do it the right way. Colombian cupid id the first step into a successful foreign bride scenario. There are always a few good ones around that you just have to dig around for.