If Medellin Is Full Of Players, Where Are The Good Girls For Guys That Want To Settle Down?

Question emailed from a reader

If Medellin has so many players, then what are the women like in Bogota, Cali and Barq?  Why keep going there to find beauty queens when the good ones are in the other parts of Colombia. Honestly, I’d like to see writings about that.  For the guys  like myself who are looking to settle down at some point, and love latin women. I  would like to here more about where the best options are at.


I am pretty sure I wrote articles in the past about this as it is an important subject. Just to clarify things, Medellin, Baranquilla, Bogota and the list goes on even to my favorite city of Pereira with very few foreigners. The players are abundant, in fact I am not sure you would call them players, the word is more manipulators. I would say it is evenly spread throughout all the cities with the only difference cities like Medellin and Bogota are laced with gringo both players and serious men which brings out more manipulators and scammers to the open. Making it seem as though there are clearly more problems finding a good girl in places like Medellin.

For most guys new to Colombia the answer is it is hard to find a good girl only for the fact that the new guys stay within certain areas and use only mainstream tools to find those girls. They stay and focus on areas such as Poblado where it is almost a guarantee for a gringo to find a women not good to settle down with but really good for the evening or even the week long stay. These girls that frequent Poblado and date gringos are not new to gringos and Europeans, do not be a fool thinking you are her first foreign man.

Tons of foreign men flying into Medellin to meet cam girls that they have fallin in love with and probably sent thousands of dollars to over a long period of time. Do you think these working hookers on cam sites are girls you want to settle down with? If you do, you need to wake up as there is no exception to this. She put a spell on your ass and you are infatuated willing to do whatever it takes. That is exactly where these seasoned girls want you.

To clarify further anyone serious in finding a wife can do it in places like Medellin, Bogota and so on, but in order to do so has to follow simple rules that some guys find nearly impossible to do. The power of the cute faces with amazing bodies and that super cute espanol that she talks to you. Most guys never make it past that level and find themselves alone after 2 years of good sex on trips and a few thousand skinnier. If you have time to waste, by all means enjoy those hot women as they are bar none and readily available.

Serious guys have there work cut out for them. There are single great Colombian women available that are tougher to find and you will never find them through the dating sites, cam sites tourist areas of any city in Colombia. You will end up finding them in stores, malls, friends of girls working at the malls, Universities and places that the Germans, Italians and Americans arent hanging out. In order to do that you will probably have to go through the shit first and learn the skills they use.

Do not lie to yourself. “Oh but mine is different” “she only worked for 1 week on the cam site” ” I met on cupid and she speaks English” ” She even knows some French or German”  Do not lie to yourself, honestly no matter how lonely you might be, you do not need that, there are plenty of available in Colombia that will date you and they do not have to be the foreigner seeking ones. Wipe the ridiculous current American mentality away, this is different.