Is Social Media an Important Aspect of Trying to Find a Potential Girlfriend or Wife

As far as dating goes it seems everything has changed in the past decade and either looking for a foreign wife or local dating it doesn’t matter, the same concepts are still applied and really the only differences are distance and the big one being culture and no we are not talking about party and movie culture as discussed in the entertainment section of every magazine. Real Cultural differences in foreign dating make it the reason why so many American or Western men can simply never make it with a Colombian or Eastern European wife. It is the silent and overlooked killer that end these relationships all the time and leave the gringo thinking what the hell went wrong.

Social media and dating

While we still feel that traditional means of dating is preferred no matter what, there are alternative ways to boost chances in a search. The social media way is definitely not for everyone but for those of us that are heavily involved in social media for personal, business or even website optimization purposes, it can really boost a search. Now just to be clear a Facebook account is not really where we are going. It can work in a different way that I have heard several people use it for. The main reason why people use Facebook is to see the life of the person they have recently met. Looking at a persons Facebook account really gives someone good insight of whether that person has been a total slut or is a pro dater or certain things she likes besides the things she has already told you. Although many sluts have been known to keep the social media private from the ultra pig lifestyle they chose to live.

Now surely you can figure out other ways to network on Facebook and make it work the way you need it work so it’s not only a haven for surveillance but also works for you so the balance isn’t just one sided.

I was more speaking of Twitter, Twitter is a much faster paced way to meet people, follow people, share tweets, speak, ask questions, talk about the news and so on. I personally have a healthy Twitter account for business purposes of over 4,000 followers and lately I have found that I have been getting a substantial amount of South American followers, many being from Colombia and I don’t even say one word about Colombia on the account. It just happens naturally and I thought to myself how this could really be an advantage in dating Colombian women, giving an extra outlet to meet women from a certain part of the country like Medellin.

With Facebook, it is just too slow and since the nature of Facebook is primarily surveillance for your leaders interests, there are far too many obstacles in doing it that way. Facebook shuts you down if you try to follow people that are not your friends. It is simply a massive profile building contractor that has a correct percentage of profiles or data mining, so it for us is not as advantageous as a fast moving quick follow Twitter account.

With Twitter you can simply do a search for Medellin users or check out some of your already following Medellin users and take a look at who is following them and perhaps make connections there. It can easily work in conjunction with the cupid dating sites that we always recommend using. I was surprised as to how many single mid 20’s aged girls were hanging out on twitter during work or whatever in the daytime and I didn’t even do a search for them, I could just imagine using the search for that how plastered you may become in wall to wall single chicks around.

The twitter features and usability is much faster than that of Facebook and can definitely give someone a total advantage in searching for a foreign bride.

What do you do once you locate them on Twitter

Like anything else, the important thing is to find them and then figure out how to make a move, you can simply send a tweet or a private message saying:

Hey how are you, I noticed your twitter profile and saw that you lived in Medellin. I am actually traveling there next month and thought it would be great to meet a few friends before going. 

Or perhaps just say hello the first time and the next time bring up her city. Think it over, don’t be lazy and come up with a plan. You will have tons of opportunities to screw this up so don’t worry about it, like usual just be natural and clever.

What if you don’t use Social Media

We kind of figured that not everyone uses these programs and for those do not I would say it might not be bad time to give Twitter a try or don’t. It may give the guy that does use social media a quicker advantage over the traditional means and this also goes for the fact that allot of good women are not on social media either or they once out of fad created an account and never went back to it. Although the numbers today are far more than the numbers were 8 or 10 years ago and the chances in meeting foreign brides over social media waves are slightly increased these days.

It is simply another outlet of the many that can be used today. I personally believe that with a little creativity you can accomplish anything you want so in this case additional information to assist in the search absolutely works.