Jealousy And Strange Looks Of Younger Colombian Wife

In the recent months, It has been noticeable that some guys just don’t understand how others end up with a very hot younger Colombian wife. Once getting your wife back to the United States and taking her shopping with you or where ever you might go, surely there will be a few guys that get extremely jealous. Maybe they are just wondering how to meet and hook up a girl like that themselves.

Once you have a beautiful Colombian wife at your side, you’ll quickly realize what i’m talking about. You can be walking through the local supermarket and not only will other guys stare and wonder how, but tons of girls will be checking you out as well. Fist of all, having a girlfriend or wife 15 years younger in the U.S. has always came with dirty looks and bullshit. What’s the big deal if your girlfriend or wife is over 24 or 25 she is surely a woman and it really doesn’t make difference how old her man is. In Colombia a 15 to 20 year difference is the norm and is not seen in any bad way with most.

The truth of the matter is there is nothing wrong with finding someone the same age, but really  if it so happens you meet a girl that is clearly mature and an adult, why should it be looked at so badly. Personally I think it’s jealousy. We live in world full of jealous and insecure people that will never take a risk or never want to learn about other cultures. Some guys that settle here in the U.S. for someone they really don’t love or aren’t at all physically attracted to end up suffering and it’s their own fault for not opening up to another culture.

I believe a big reason for the normal aprox 15 year age difference in Colombia is the fact that they seek someone more responsible, less likely to have a few other girlfriends on the side, more likely to want a family without deserting the kids. Think about it, if a North American girl lived in Colombia and from the age 20 to 24 got nothing but screwed over from all these guys the same age, she would probably consider dating older more mature men as well. Some might think it’s a money thing, yes it can be a money thing but there are always gold diggers in every culture and sometimes the guy figures he is going to spend the money anyway, might as well get a girl he has to pay for. Personally I think it’s ridiculous to base a relationship on spending money but for some that system works fine and more power to them being able to live with a girl that is truly only their for the cash.

So for those North Americans making the move to find a nice Colombian wife, don’t be discouraged if most of the girls attracted to you are in their mid 20s. Don’t be fooled by the misconceptions of the norm in finding a wife in the United States.

Story One

I am 32 and married to a 21 year old Colombian. She is an attractive woman, and we recently relocated to Florida after living together in Medellin. I can relate to the strange looks, and some out right staring at my wife. My personal view on the matter is look then carry on, but staring is so juvenile. I cannot imagine how it must be for guys with age gaps of 20 or 30 years!
I do disagree with your opinion of Colombia acceptance of this, I lived in a very high end building in Medellin, and I noticed all the couple living there were 1. Of appropriate age group 2. They were not extremely attractive women, with older or over weight men. What I mean to say is they looked like normal couples. The only time I noticed older males with much younger women was in parka illares and mangoes or pueblo, or palmitas the clubs and night life. I think this is where many people become confused with Colombian culture and American culture.
Colombians have no problems being married and cheating on their wives with multiple girlfriends, if these Colombians have enough money they often prey upon the younger women from poorer barrios who will often sell themselves cheaply. There are so many influences in Colombia, poverty, family, friends, and music ect… often younger women are pushed into finding older men merely for the gifts and cash that will benefit the family. There are not prepagoes but normal school girls.
My wives cousin is 14 year olds, and her mother was pushing one such relationship with a man of 40 years, simply for cash gifts. This is their world, it becomes their culture to see older man as a resource. To benfit the family.
Personally I think the same is true for any estrato in Colombia. Colombian women tend to expect “pepe loco” from all men, and they have a term for older man seeking young women it’s called “vijeo verde”. My wife while living in Colombia gets hit on all the time by far older men, even taxi drivers while on trips to vist her mom use cash and gifts to sway her attention. That’s life there.
My wife has told me of the various times that older men have used employment as a means to sleep with younger employees, if you want to work here you have to sleep with me and become my girlfriend, this is not a rare occurrence but a common fact of life in Colombia.
I agree with you there is lots of opportunity to find truly awesome and good looking women but one has to wade through a lot of crap to do it, or be lucky!

Story Two

Its normal in the entire Latin culture. In the USA there are far too many people caught up in this whacked out thing that the age should be the same or similar. While Latins are far less interested in age. In Colombia, I never lived in Poblado or high end buildings. I stayed in Bello, barrio boston, barrio Buenos Aires and in normal barrios in Pereira which is far better to me than Medellin pollution wise anyways. There were few relationships with the ages the same. Grant it some were 5 years and some were 19 years but there was clearly no problem. In fact some of the girls I knew in these barrios always mentioned that some of the Colombian guys at younger ages were just way to into playing and not ready for relationships. Do they have amiguitos to fuck around with from the U, sure they do.

In Florida, Miami and Orlando, there are tons of Latinos and most of the South Americans locally have husbands years older. They are just not so closed minded and argumentative about it like some of these local fools.

Story Three

Infidelity is also normal in Latin culture does it mean it helps a relationship work. I too have lived in Bello, and been to all of those areas, where as I said before it is more common to see age gaps, it is also a lot more common to see single mothers, and only live in relationships. I stayed in aruanjuez for some time where my wife comes from. Can a person find a good women with 20 year age gap yes it possible especially when the people involved are committed to making the relationship work.
Today it is much more difficult for local Colombians, let alone gringos to pull this off on a genuine level, however sometimes a little intersada helps balance out the nonsense of love.

Story Four

Why is it difficult to pull off today in your opinion?

Personally I have many friends happily married to girls right at around 18 years younger. Most girls around 25 to 30. They met them at least 5 years earlier. I think if you go into those barrios and find a girl no kids, with a mom and dad living together, there is a good chance she is not prostituting. many of the prostis have a kid resulting from a guy the same age that wants nothing to do with his kid.
A few married to Colombians, several married to Dominican girls. As the Colombian culture becomes more feminist (major in Bogota), I understand when they start to follow the bad traits that have hit the US girl mentality. They key is to find a simple girl. If they find a girl with ambition that wants to get out and make a dent, they are in trouble. Simple girls really do not care at all about age whether beautiful or not. I do understand that it does go both ways, whether whores or simple girls they both seem to go towards more mature guys for different reasons.

Even where i’m from in NY, there are still some more conservative neighborhoods where the women aren’t as caught up in the age thing. Not these fucking left wing feminist nuts.

Story Five

I really have meet so few relationships that were genuine, again I come from the perspective of somebody you never bothered dating or playing game, I only paid for it BUT I wasn’t just nailing girls from centro or F2 YOU would be amazed who you run into at nacys when you show up every day for 3 months straight. I have banged allot of people’s wives, girlfriends and many women with gringo boyfriends, girls from agencies, internet ect…WHY because they need money or more money in a country like Colombia it’s always about the money because most are poor. Yes many Colombian women are involved with older man, simply as a means of survival, and not because the like older guys.
What are we talking about here a 40 year old with a 27 year old mature women or a 45 year old with a 22 year old girl, these are two different cases and should not be treated the same, especially factor the personality of the women and man. Is it possible, anything is possible? Would I if I was 40 or above be looking at 20ish, NO I would not, not knowing what I know or seeing what I have seen.
Simple, I do not think any Colombiana is simple, these women have history, some of it is not too pretty.
“I think if you go into those barrios and find a girl no kids, with a mom and dad living together, there is a good chance she is not prostituting. many of the prostis have a kid resulting from a guy the same age that wants nothing to do with his kid.”
Common man….What’s it like in Bello at 6PM in the streets, TONS of children running around, not uncommon to find a women at 20 years old with 2 kids from 2 different dads. Mom and dad living together, also something becoming else common because the dads move on to other women.
If you want to talk prepago there are multiple types
1. prepago who is working to earn money to support her children or family, these are mostly influenced by family into working, sisters cousins ect… they will not work where the live out of shame but travel great distances with friends in order to work
2. prepago who is working for herself to earn money for clothes, drugs booz. Ect..Some are lesbian, some are smart and use the money for school.
3. whore, these are the girls you find in false dose day in and day out, weekends holidays everyday, I think the started out as 1 or 2 but never managed to leave

Story Six

e all have our own perspective. Personally, I never had to pay pre pagos in Colombia while living there. They come more in handy when you fly down for a few days with some friends. I am also not the type to take them to the mall But I have seen that more often in Bogota.

I have known both types, and to me there are many girls that like I said above do not or never worked and usually those are the ones that live with both mom and dad and have no kids. In fact I have several friends to this day in Manrique like that. The dad makes sure she is home Saturday or not by midnight and she works hard in the day. Many gringos are just magnets to the prepagos. They try this shit with me, but after they see I am not willing to pay they just go away. Also when they see you speak fluent Spanish it slows them down a bit. This site is about educating those men that do want to find the more conservative, simple girls still around in Colombia. It educated them on which ones are the pigs and where those pigs usually are. Like you, myself and many of my friends have found good women in Colombia, many guys still get taken with the manipulative shit that still goes on often.

Its like the pig that orders the most expensive thing on the menu at a restaurant or says she wants to buy another dish to bring home to her brother, these pigs are a dime a dozen in el lleras. Or those that carry 2 cell phones, what a joke that is. Those that feel the need to spend 100 on jeans at studio f. The key is simple girls without ambition or motive. After living in 3 cities for 8 years in Colombia, this is the key that works.
The place to find simple girls without motive and simple are usually not on the websites.

Story Seven

As the prices were so low back then I never understood why NOT. You can settle for whatever decides to LET you sleep with them or you can go out and buy exactly what you want and get exactly what you ask for. Ok it can be little passion less sometimes but not anymore less than a drunk girl you pick up at circus or pharmacy or dejavue ect….
I had a pretty good thing going with a lot of women looking to earn some extra cash, when they weren’t with their boyfriends or husbands, these were normal girls with normal lives and everyday jobs that pay 20 mil a day, you try and have a decent life with 20 mil a day!
Like I said before it was an addiction, but I never overpaid, from me quickies were 50 mil, overnights 100mil to 200mil MAX, and repeats were always cheaper. Again I am married now, and have not touched another woman since December 2009 and the gringo invasion and increase of sex tourist drove the prices up and fun out.
I think your combing intresada with prepago; they are two different type of women. There are plenty of good women in Colombia, one has to understand the culture there, and realize you’re not going to find virgins, but fantastically beautiful women who will respect you, and your wallet can be found.
What you call simple I call honest, and supportive with no games, or B.S.

Story Eight

Circus was such an awesome place. I remember taking the 30k peso ride over to circus certain Saturday nights for the house music. Can you explain so that the readers know how you or anyone you know found that honest or simple girl?

The reason I say simple is to me the ambitious ones even if not pre pagos are worthless in relationships as well. They are the ones that ultimately nag, or look for more money in other ways, basically play the mans role while creating friction in the relationship. Those are the ones that will leave you the minute things go bad, the only care they have is getting higher up. Basically they have a chip on their shoulders from the surroundings and always want to be in that higher status. Those women are worse then the prepagos and borderline worse then the feminists we got here. You find alot of those in the higher end barrios, like laureles or poblado.

To me those, they do not sell cuca but are another type to stay far away from.

Story Nine

I would just like to conform the comment on the “ambitious ones”. Colombia is strange that way, men treat girls like reinas buying her stuff being very detailista and sweeping her off her feet like no other. However i have seen many women treat their men like shit, it takes a latino to be able to deal with that shrill mess. On the other hand colombian locals all have 2 or amigas at any given time. So face to face they undergo her dominant behavior (seems likes she’s wearing the pants) but behind her back they are cheating. It seems like a public secret and some kind of perverted type of balance between male and female. Codependency comes to mind.