Juggling Dates While on A Trip

By now after reading tons of articles on dating in Colombia you should know that to go just for 1 girl or even 2 girls that you have spoke to by chat or phone only is a complete waste of money and a trip. Not for the same reasons you may be thinking but more for the simple reason that 9 out of 10 times those girls you chat with before the trip will not be girlfriend or wife material. Within a week of dating you will learn real quick exactly what I mean.

Today assuming you follow along the way you should date in Colombia in order to later be successful without wasting a lifetime of time with women that just can never be good wives but yet make you feel good, give good head, have perfect doggy style views, beautiful hair, proper pussy hygiene and so on. Although the above sounds good to a guy that has been getting screwed around with by feminists all his life, but in reality a good wife goes much further than sexuality. If you marry for sex alone, you are doomed.

The best way to juggle dates for me

Now first thing to remember is nobody owns you, although you are dating and things are going well, she still does not rule what you do although she will try like hell, but truth is you still have 10 more dates to go on and allot of work ahead of you.

Let’s say you have a late lunch date and an early dinner date set up on a weeknight. The lunch date is going well and you start kissing and want to bang but your early dinner date will be at the hotel in only 2 hours. While she doesn’t own you, it is still important to not let her know you are testing the waters, always better to do that privately. My suggestion if you are having a beautiful lunch that is getting warm to grab a taxi to the nearest love motel. This way you can see if this girl is potential wife material in the bedroom also. I know you won’t marry a girl first without at least a small whiff down below. better off just banging if things are right. Remember she is expecting that if things start heating up. She wants the kiss to follow through to a sex session. Don’t let the life long conditioning tell you otherwise.

I remember having this scenario the first time and the girl was not expecting me to tell the taxi to go a love motel, but when she realized it she couldn’t be happier. They love when a man takes initiative. None of this shit, should we go to a motel? or what do you want to do? This is not initiative, this is a guy that is afraid to take the lead, afraid of denial.

Nothing wrong with a nice lunch and an hour sex session in the love motel. If she asks why not at the hotel, just tell her you are meeting a friend in a couple hours and didn’t want them see you with her so soon at the room or be creative. In essence you are not lying, nor are you cheating.

After you are done with the hot sex, wash up and call two taxis, tell her you will call her tomorrow. Your dinner date may be in the lobby waiting for you. Just take her up to the room and jump in the shower. If you did pretty good screening they won’t be a thief to rob you in the room, in fact I have never had that kind of thief before. It is a different kind of robbery manipulation you will be looking for. The small time robberies will happen on the street, atms or taxis usually, unless you have chosen some real whores without any type of screening. If you don’t like the way she looks tell her to wait longer in the lobby if you don’t feel comfortable or even tell her sorry, and give her a couple bucks and tell her something came up.

The lunch dinner scenario sometimes overlaps so you have to compensate in those cases that go all the way. What does JetBlue do? They overbook every time and figure it out on the hip.

If all this sounds too harsh for you, or too fast for you. I would venture to say that a wife search in Colombia will probably not work out for you. This is how it has to be done otherwise you will just get trampled over left and right and before you know it, 50k down in trips and NO wife.