Marrying A Colombian Woman With A Child Already

One thing is for certain, there is no shortage of beautiful Colombian women with children. I will try to answer the question the best I can in regards to the comment in the previous post. First off, I would like to say that I myself have been through the situation and I am also all for giving a child a good life if at all possible. In fact when I was helping with volunteer work with a previous girlfriend in Medellin working with homeless children, there were times and children that did not deserve living the way they did. I understand why some people become very passionate about helping those children, especially babies in need. I am pro life and all for adoption, however it has been said that some of these young children in the streets are not adoptable due to the things they have already learned.

If you have heard from guys saying that a woman may be better when she already has a child, one thing for sure is that if you are seeking a housewife, she will be occupied all day long with the child, so there is probably no need to figure out how to get her busy. Not to say you yourself cannot make the decision of having a baby and going through the entire pregnancy with her which will also keep her occupied where a baby or pregnant free woman will surely have to do something. Personally I like to figure out a small business for her to work, possibly a home business or a mall kiosk or something like that. Sending a new Colombian wife to work in an office building is just looking for trouble and I highly recommend against it(a whole different post).

The inconveniences of finding a wife with a baby already.

  • The babies daddy. He will have to sign each time the baby leaves Colombia in order to leave. There is always the risk that he will not sign. Also dealing with the possibility of him meeting up with your new wife to see the baby. She will always have a certain love for this guy, even if she denies it, they share a child together.
  • Costs will be double for the papers bringing your wife and child to the USA.
  • Costs will be double to fly back and fourth to Colombia each time you go and with a child it will be more often as the grandparents will want to constantly see the baby.
  • Discipline will most definitely be on the light side of what you are used to. Your wife may not appreciate you giving proper discipline to the child and you may be stuck accepting this child doing things that are simply not acceptable and very stressful.
  • The child will always be number one and if the baby wants mommy in the bed with him, you can go months without her in bed with you. Remember he will always come first and things are done much differently. Anyone that has had a girlfriend with a child knows exactly what I mean. I thought it would be easy as well, but in reality it is not.
  • You better hope she is a simple girl, otherwise you will be buying $150.00 pumas for a 5 year old that will be too small in 4 months.

I do however think it could work with the right woman. If that woman is right you will be able to do anything with her and she will work with you. If she has a child make sure that you also spend alot of time with the child while in Medellin or wherever. Not just a dinner or lunch, but entire weeks with the child. I know it is easy for her to drop off the baby or leave the baby with the grandmother. In the USA you may not have that possibility so it is better to get used to it first.

Feelings are mixed with this one. Some guys make it work, some do not. So it all depends on you and the new Colombian wife.