Must Be Jealousy When It Comes To Age Difference

A good friend of mine and his young American wife came to visit me last week. He is 42 and his beautiful American wife is 24, he met her when she was 20 and he was 38. Even though there is a 18 year difference, it is hardly an issue for them. In fact the relationship was exceptionally good for any couple from what I notice and from what he said.

I have another very good friend also in NY that married a 22 year old when he was 36 and they now have 3 kids and amazing relationship, so for all those haters out there, your wrong. Leave the couples alone, if it works it works.

So one of the nights they met with me and we took off a grab a quick bite in a fast food type place called 5 Guys. The place had around 4 couples, 2 of which had families and the other 2 were just man and lady. The first thing I noticed was that 3 of the couples began to stare and one of the ladies made a comment about it. She was around 40 with cellulite on the back of her thighs I noticed as she got up to refill her soda. Short shorts with cellulite, decent face. She seemed around the same age as her husband or boyfriend at the table. Another older couple guy with a mustache and his same aged wife couldn’t stop staring. I’m thinking WTF, what is wrong with these Americans. It doesn’t phase Latin couples here in the USA, but it sure does phase the other Americans.

I kept thinking wow, what is up these peoples asses. Why even stick their nose into others business. It reminds of when I dated this cheating Korean girl for a couple months, she was a hostess at a steakhouse. Every time I took her out, people stared. We were the same age, they just stared because she was Asian, it was weird. But now since Latin/American couples are everywhere they look for something else to stare at.

My friend noticed this also and so did his wife and we all laughed, his wife made a funny comment to her husband like hey be careful, these people think I am too beautiful for you! We cracked up.

Each and everytime this goes on, it just reminds me of how the women of this culture are so jealous of age. In Colombia women are jealous of everything I think, but when it comes to age, nobody says a word. Here in America, the fat cellulite aging women hate it when men date beautiful younger women and it shows, I think the husbands just join in the jealousy to make the wives happy.

I mean there really aren’t many men that have a problem with men dating younger women. It is just par for the course, also you would think in such an educated culture, we really wouldn’t be so worried about age as much as long as both were adults.