Searching for Ways to Deal With Colombian Women’s Emotional Needs 2

I wanted to start a new series of articles on the process of receiving e-mail letters before meeting and after meeting and discuss the differences in those e-mails and the possibilities of fraud. We have a large inventory of real letters from women in Colombia as well as other countries around the world and I really think a series like this will be helpful in many cases. While it is extremely tough to call fraud or fake via e-mailing, there are signs that let you know if she at least gives a crap or just goes through the motions in order to get money or a free time when you are there.

A crucial time in the beginning stages in order to learn more about her and her motives, how dedicated she is to you, if you call bullshit in the e-mails or not, if she becomes flakey on you it will most likely happen in the e-mails and if you pay attention, it will save you time down the road allowing you to avoid her from the flakey moment on.

While it is virtually impossible to catch every e-mail or communication, at least you do a get a shot at it and begin the communication process ahead of time as it should be done, even if you are going to travel for a month or so, it is important to make those friends for dates prior to as it can take some men a long time even when in Medellin or Bogota to get a date, not because it’s hard to do but because of the natural American fear of rejection so even in an atmosphere where 80% of the women say yes, the typical American man declines to ask and later kicks his own ass.

How many times have you gone into a store or an office and it was obvious there was an attraction or a hint of communication with a smile but you walked out without a number only to regret it a few minutes later after realizing how easily you could have had the number or perhaps an easy no which is not the end of the world. I remember very clearly being in Pereira and walking through the shops and searching for a pair of Adidas shoes for a gift, I stop at the shoe store and this amazing chick was wearing those shoes that I wanted, I asked her about he shoes and they did not have them, it was an easy get a number moment but I just walked away, however within minutes after kicking myself in the ass I turned around with a plan and got that number from a solid 8 1/2 that was even better in the nude.

With e-mail communications it can be tough because while many of the women are alike, they do have different styles of writing, just like we do. I have some friends with serious intentions that like to write life stories for e-mails and make it a project, while personally I like to get to the point and make the e-mail more on the quick side, unless it is later where I need some questions answered which I much prefer in person or by phone. It’s like todays route to escape and not confront realities is to text and that is not my style, especially with a girlfriend. With e-mails are they making an effort to e-mail you several times per day? Are they just going over the edge in the beginning. I won’t speak of the girls that say they love you quickly by e-mail because it could just be a passion they have or that the communication is bringing out.

Just like I never tell a guy it’s too soon to marry, because I believe that fast marriages outlast those that dwindle for several years first, just my opinion. Psychology today has a different opinion that you can read here.

Ok the following is a series of e-mail’s from a professional CPA 28 years old and very hot looking, she owned a house and a rental property(not that I care, I know some say that upper strata girls are not available for gringos is bullshit). This was the very first e-mail received, we had been communicating via MSN a little bit prior to the e-mails starting.

Como estas???

Anoche me dormia a las 2 y 30 am, trabaje mucho con mi compañera.

Voy para mi casita almorzar.

Te llame ahora a tu telefono y no me contestaron, depronto tengo mal tu numero.
Tu numero de telefono es ——————

Amor hoy no te he visto en el msn, espero que te ecuentres muy bien.

Te mando una canción que me gusto mucho, cuando la escucho me acuerdo de ti y te pienso mucho, el nombre de la canción es POR BESARTE del grupo LU.
Amor te la dedico, espero que te guste mucho la canción y que me pienses mucho cuando la escuches.
Hoy voy a los masajes alas 6 y 30, llego a mi casa a las 8 pm.
Amor espero que hoy podamos hablar por telefono.

Cuidateme mucho y que Dios te bendiga.

This is a pretty basic e-mail from a professional type chick before meeting. Although, I do not like the working until 2:30 am part at all, many use this excuse in order to cheat Otherwise you can tell she is telling me exactly what she did, where she was and what time she will be home this evening. Inbetween this e-mail and the next one there was several pictures sent to me, A postal from Gusanito. However I will note that at this point it is limited to just one e-mail daily, the following e-mail was 4 days later.

Como estas hoy mi amorsito lindo??

Te escribo para decirte que te quiero mucho y que deseo mucho conocerte en persona.

Te he dicho que eres mi principe lindo y que cada minuto de mi vida estoy pensando en ti?

Es raro pero hoy siento mas cosas lindas por ti, estas en mis pensamientos y en mi corazon todo el tiempo.

Me muero por hacerte muy feliz, eres lo que estaba esperando en mi vida.

Gracias por darme tanta alegria y tanto amor.

Quiero y necesito todo tu amor.

Mi corazon y todo mi amor es tuyo y se que cuando nos conozcamos en persona, mis sentimientos por ti seran mas grandes. Me gusta todo de ti.

Que Dios te Bendiga y te cuide por siempre.

Siempre tuya….

Besos y abrazos

This went on for about a month before my trip, I was going to a place around 1 hour from where she lived. This is the final e-mail before we met the first time:

Estoy tan feliz por verte hoy y al mismo tiempo me siento me siento muy nerviosa y ansiosa.

Quiero verte abrazarte y besarte, estar en tus brazos, te amoooooooooooooooooooo
Eres muy importante para mi.
Que tengas un buen viaje.

Estare esperando tu llamada, besos mi amorsito lindo, papasito, adorado, amado, precioso.


La mujer que tanto Te amo

You can see how much further this developed in right around 3 weeks to a month. How important it is to communicate with them prior to flying in. While I thought her e-mails were slightly on the fast paced side, I understood as our communication got better as time went on, the last week or so we called and spoke every night. One very important thing to note is that she never once asked for money, asked how much money I made, mentioned that she was short of money, her family was sick or anything at all that would open the door to future money asking questions or imply that it may be needed.

After the week spent in Colombia with half of those nights with her and the other half dating which she didn’t say or become weird about anything. Once arrived back in the states the e-mails increased to 2 to 3 per day from her and got heavier.

This is 2 days after leaving Colombia, think about what American girl would tell you this? Even if they thought it, would they really tell you this?

Mi vida

Sabes? te amo.

Me encnata verte asi desnudito mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, me encanta, estas super bueno.

Muero por hacerte ya el amor, te deseo tanto, muchooooooooooooooooooooo


Eres tan especial conmigo, por eso yo te amo, te amare siempre mi vida

Tu mujer loquita

And this one plus many others that are just like 2 words or an emotion symbol or whatnot.

Como estas mi vida?

Como siempre yo estoy pensando en ti.
Anoche te pense tanto y le pedia a Dios que pudiera soñar contigo; sabes amos, aunque no estemos juntos en este momento, yo siempre quiero estar junto a ti en pensamiento y que nuestros corazones esten juntos, aunque estemos lejos.

Mi amor por ti es tan grande que asi estes lejos yo estare contigo. porque siempre te llevo en mis pensamientos y en mi corazon

En la mañana tu eres mi primer pensamiento y en la noche eres mi ultimo pensamiento antes de dormir, siempre necesito ver tu foto en mi cel para poder dormir, eso es muy importante para mi y me da felicidad.

Eres un ser tan especial que te has robado todo mi corazon.

Te amo.

Now the emails increased to around 3 per day, plus the phone calls. I on the other hand was fading as the chemistry for me just wasn’t there. She seemed too fast paced for me and I felt that this would be a problem for the nervous system moving forward. If you spent any time with a girl that loves to yell, or loves to constantly do things, you know what I mean. It begins to suck badly.

I prefer a very calm quiet girl, a girl that is not too opinionated or masculine. A girl that is non feminist and frankly I could give two shits about her career as a CPA. Leave the work to the men and the children raising to the women in my opinion makes the best homes, or set up a small business for the wife to run.

Another serious problem with this relationship moving forward was that she being already around 28, was that she had been through a very long term relationship prior and was kind of set in her ways. She no longer had the ability to adapt into another style relationship so this might have been an issue with the personal chemistry.

We never saw each other since that one week. The e-mails and phone calls were faded within the next couple weeks and it was over.

This first part of the series shows that while yes she is real, there was no money discussion of any type. There was no hotel recommendation, in fact we stayed in a $150.00 per month apartment that I had a contract with no problems or questions. It was obvious to not be fraud. You might be surprised how many gringos get involved with obvious bad intentions that is easily readable by e-mails.