Searching for Ways to Deal With Colombian Women’s Emotional Needs

If you are a frequent reader of this board, you will know that I usually contribute to the line of conversation that is going on. In particular, I ask questions that deal with the lifestyle of the women in Colombia. Rather than make existing threads longer with some basic questions, I’ve decided to open up a new page which I hope will prompt discussion, not only for those of us that are regular (ad hoc) posters here, but hopefully from other men, and possibly some Colombian women to give others and myself, some kind of idea of what the line of thinking is with regards to Colombian, (or Latino women in general) when the next step of a relationship is taken.

Let me set my stage for everyone else. I was not a big dating type of person. I was married to a woman for 25 years with whom I met as part of a blind date by my best friend and his girlfriend. I never did well in school with this regards and so it shows up now in my adulthood. I will toss this disclaimer. I grew up with 4 sisters, (I was the youngest!), so, I do have an inside to the female psyche.

I guess where the questions lie is how do Colombian woman, (for the sake of discussion, this will include all of Central and South American women) view the relationship? In the almost 3 years since my separation, I have been all over the map. When I was naïve, within 3 weeks of chatting with my first real interest on Colombian Cupid, this woman wanted me to forget the web site altogether. Mandating my life from thousands of miles away. Next there was a woman who totally said she was in love with me without having meeting me. She practically begged me to be the father of her 2 small children.

Of course there are the scammers and GFE’s who sometimes take years to show their true colors. I did have one woman take me very deep. Even though we did not have sex, I was prepared to settle down with her and take on her 2 daughters as my own. It wasn’t until my admission of membership in a fraternal organization that put the kibosh, on that relationship.

Now I have a woman who wants to get closer in with our relationship. I have only known her since the beginning of June, (I met her and talked to her for the first time when I traveled to Bogota). Is that enough time? There are others that I have been chatting/emailing for longer but I haven’t felt there was enough personal knowledge to warrant a tighter relationship.
So, where do I, (we) go? Is it possible that it can get tight in that short amount of time? I have learned that Colombian women are indeed passionate. Should I as a man, be skeptical as to the haste of this togetherness?

I am appealing to some of the other readers out there as to their thoughts on the subject. Specifically the Latina’s in the audience. I, (and I’m sure others) would like to hear first-hand, your perspective. Or the viewpoint of couples that have made the successful transition from holding hands to holding vows. I think your insight would go a long way, not only to aiding me in my journey, but others who may be thinking the same things.