Seems Promising For American Women

Watched this interesting video this afternoon and noticed and there a few things that caught my attention to start with. First off I have written about this allot in Colombiahelp that it’s not about looks at all. I wrote about my old friend fat charley in NY that always had beautiful girlfriends and from that moment on I knew it was more of a personality thing. Will being good looking be a plus? Yes absolutely, especially for getting laid in a night club or a quick BJ while out shopping.

I know this may not be for everyone that reads here but I get calls from men who say they are in great shape, workout daily and eat good ect but yet cannot get a date locally. Whether i’m driving a Porsche GT3 or an old shitbox, I was able to get the same quality of girlfriend always so it is not really about material so much either. Although after the indoctrination comes around or the mother curses the divorced dad day in and day out to the daughter it changes things and creates the American girl we all can’t stand.

I was pleasantly surprised with the attitudes of these young women for the most part. Was it scripted? Not sure but either way it put a good scenario and a good alternative for American women once again. I did predict that as we turn more third world moving forward and as competition increases between women and it becomes 7 women to 1 man, that those who put on the feminist show will clearly be left in the dark. Women will have to adjust this fantasy of being with what she perceives as perfect via material and men will no longer have to obtain prostitute wives that have to be constantly fed the money to stay.

In the video the guy puts on a fat suit and attempts to pick up women at a college campus and is highly successful a large percentage of time. Check it out for yourselves and note the American woman attitude, could this change already be hitting? Could American girls see the effect that Latin women bring to the table and change their entire outlook on the perfect man.