The Novelty Factor

It wasn’t too long ago that a foreign man or more specifically a gringo could go into many South American countries and there was a major novelty factor. A novelty factor of stepping off the plane and basically having a super easy time hooking up with many girls. In fact I can remember when it was so easy that dating sites wouldn’t even matter in the least. I can only imagine how it was 20 years earlier.

While the novelty factor does exist still, it’s not nearly as prominent as it was a few years earlier. I would have to say that some places it still highly exists while other places have smoothed out for the most part, due to heavy tourism or just way too many foreigners from all over suddenly arriving in these foreign lands. However, just for pure curiosity foreigners always have an upper hand when it comes to meeting women in my opinion. Yes, there is still some leg work involved but being a foreigner most definitely helps.

One of the novelty factors that will always exist is the simple fact that you look different, no matter how many tourists come in, you will still look different from the majority and this always peaks the interests of many girls. I find it funny when I hear or read some guys saying that just the fact of being a gringo you are a chick magnet. This is very far from the truth and usually the people that say this do not have any experience in other countries or cultures. They have just heard how easy it has been for most foreigners to hook up while away. They may have heard some old timers talk about it as well when it really was like that several years ago.

There are still many places that are virgin territory and the novelty factor is in full swing, just some of the more talked about places such as Bogota or Medellin where it has kind of faded since those places are havens for expats at this time. Is it still 100 times easier to hook up on a whim in those places? Yes it is and probably always will be, which really is based on a mixture of things, one being for example in a place like Medellin, many women are very friendly in general and super easy to talk to. Then couple that with the fact that you are different raises a curiosity level which in turn makes it a fairly simple task of getting a date or making a new friend.

If you go and think just because the fact that you a foreign you will hook up in a snap is not the best mindset to have and in some cases if you don’t stir up some talk, may never happen.

For these reasons the dating sites come in handy and unless you are moving to these countries are a great tool. Once you start going and develop some friendships and start to know people and your way around is when you can stop with the tools such as dating sites.

Sometimes you have to sit back and remind yourself what it is about some of these women that is just amazing. For me one major thing that always comes to mind is the gap. You know, that gap that is right under the ass between her legs. The gap that as she walks you can see some light shining through. I love the gap and as luck would have it many Latinas carry this gap real well. It usually shows up more when girls have wide hips, although it does show with very thin women, the wide hip version is much nicer.