Time Is Money When Dating Colombian Women While In Colombia

Anyone who has been to Colombia for dating knows how hard it can be to juggle dates. One thing for sure is no matter how much time you spend online chatting, telephone calls, texting or even writing emails it really doesn’t close the deal. While it’s great getting to know each other so much before hand, there is absolutely no comparison to the vibe you get through energy once face to face.

It’s too bad that so many things can and will go wrong. Even though the two of you are awesome together by phone communication each night, it could be one of those things where every moment seems awkward once together. It could be one of those things that she does something that just disgusts you or visa versa, maybe in person he or she keeps cutting you off while talking, or maybe she is the chick that constantly stares at other men while walking around with you. It could be a million things but bottom line is if those auras don’t mend good together there is nothing to try, it just will not work no matter what. This is a fact and the problem is that while it is evident the energy between you is off, you keep thinking about those weeks or months spent in love on the phone every night and you decide to try and force it. I understand as I too am a fighter for the things I want in life, sometimes if I had developed a failing business my drive will force me to completely run its coarse even though I already know it has failed. It’s smart early on to learn that if it is not working no matter how bad it hurts to just walk away and start fresh. If you think it is love, understand that it is not. If the energy doesn’t work, things can be prolonged by way of passion or fighting but you are up against human nature and the battle will be lost eventually.

We have to remember that we are limited in time, we have to remember how much we have invested in each trip, after all a decision to start dating Colombians can be an expensive decision and much more if located in states that have the most expensive airline tickets.

The most important thing to remember is that usually even if the aura is bad, the main girl you went to visit will also stay with you perhaps to be nice or just simply stick around for the ride that week. It is you that will have to realize the date sucks and make a decision to end it right there and then, worst case finishing out the night to be nice about it if you have to.

We need to set rules that work for us so that we can become more effective in our strategies in order to ultimately find a good woman.

  • Cut the date short if it doesn’t feel right from the start, dating should not feel awkward
  • Understand before hand that even with a million phone calls, it is no comparison to energy and accept the fact that all those phone calls and sweat equity can be wasted.
  • Try to make the most of each trip, setting up breakfast and lunch dates or even those short coffee or ice cream dates.
  • If using Cupid, make sure your account is on while in Colombia in case you run out of numbers.

Colombian dating like anything else in life is not easy. There are many obstacles that get in the way and create havoc unfortunately ending the relationships. It is important to understand that while you might get lucky off the bat, it is clearly a numbers game and in order to have a healthy relationship it cannot be bought or forced against nature.