Went To Santiago Meet Girl That Met Through The Website

A good friend of mine went over to Santiago this past 4 days. He went with confidence in 1 girl he had been talking to that he met through one of the websites I recommended. This was the first he had been in another country aside from Colombia. His Colombian search proved to be bad for him, he had been meeting all the wrong girls, going down with only 1 phone number and one contact per trip. So finally he started expanding his search into Santiago. Dominican Republic is a nice place, however I wasn’t blown away by the girls in Santo Domingo. The only beautiful girls I had noticed in Dominican for some reason was Santiago. On the arrival day she said she couldn’t meet him at the airport because she would be working, but not to worry her brother and father would be there for him. So he was kind of thrown off from that, going without speaking any Spanish and having some girls dad and brother get you at the airport. He arrived and she was right there. He was blown away, said she was hotter in person than the photos and webcam. Extremely affectionate. He said the trip went well and that he would be planning a second trip for entire week soon. The parents were nice, treated him well. Everyone was very simple and easy going and he said wow, night and day difference from Medellin.

So for all of you thinking about a nice Latina wife, Santiago, Dominican Republic might be a viable option. I’ll keep you posted on his travels.

The second trip with my friend is currently under way in Santiago. He was stoked to go even with the tropical storm Emily that luckily went through the day before he left and didn’t do any damage.

Since he left the last trip he has been doing well with this chick that he met on Dominican Cupid. He finally got back and gave me a call. The trip went well overall, a few snags that aren’t the best but overall I believe he will continue with his girlfriend in Santiago. To start with she looked amazing as usual, just like he likes, very thin. She was slightly more affectionate on this trip, however only in kissing. Sunday rolled around and he was going nuts because she still wouldn’t bang. So he asked whats the problem, she said later when we get married. What a joke! So he said aa ok your a virgin? Rightfully so, I mean what a joke that some other dudes locally have banged her but the guy that spends time and money to see her and communicates with her every single night gets penalized. So he was like listen, first of all I won’t get married under those circumstances and had a talk with her.

She got cold for a few hours, then finally opened up to a few things but still no bang. Other than that they had a good time, set up a bbq by a river with her and the family, they went to a park and some simple restaurants in the area. The trip was quick and he said he will most likely be going back in October.