What’s A Good Dating Site To Try

One of the most common questions I receive from friends is “what’s a good dating site to try?” I usually always answer the same way and I basically say you can find a gem on any site. It really depends on luck and good searching skills, learning to just filter out all the prostitutes and scams. After a while this will come natural, however every now and then you might find out after receiving the first letter back.

I have used several of the sites myself and I can say that most were hit and miss, I was able to find a good girl on most of them although some were clearly geared more towards flakes. One site that I can personally say that I have used often is Amigos, yes Amigos does have scams but I sifted through those and was able to meet friends in several different countries including the United States, Panama and Colombia. In fact one of the girls I met on Amigos from Panama flies to the US each year and stays at my house for a couple weeks. This year she flew in and surprised me with U2 tickets for Tampa and we had a great time.

With all the questions on what sites to use, one that I can say I have personally used for meeting local and International Latin girls is Amigos. They do not offer romance tours, just an inexpensive way to meet others and truly worth the few bucks they charge for 1 month.