When To Trust A New Colombian Online Girlfriend

It has been several years now that Americans and foreigners have been traveling in bulk to Colombia for dating. The days of just Bogota and Medellin have past and Americans are venturing into other areas in search of girlfriends or wives. Certain girls begin to learn how Americans operate and figure out which are the easiest ways to take advantage and then when the American traveler figures out a particular scam going on a new one will arise and as the story continues like anything else. Humans get sick and get prescribed an antibiotic, soon after the bacteria gets smarter and we have to figure out another way to get better, the natural process of good and evil, the balance of life.

Unfortunately trust is a rare commodity these days in America but even less when dating in Colombia and while it is great to meet some new chick online and the chemistry seems awesome, we simply cannot trust her at all. First of all we have to remember that if she is attractive, you have to figure she is in contact with several Americans at the same time. Another thing to figure is that at this time you really should not need to trust. As long as there is zero talk about money as it should be there should absolutely be no reason to have to put any trust down at all. If any talk about money changing hands should arise, it should be taken as an immediate red flag and should put you on alert for any talks in the near future.

What do you do when you meet a girl from a small city in Colombia Cupid and after 3 or 4 days of chatting by phone you decide to go for a visit and she brings up the possible chance of her traveling to meet you in a bigger city? The catch is she needs money to get there. I know this is one of the most classic scams but in reality how do we differentiate if it is or not? Especially if she says it is also ok to meet in her city but she thought it might be more comfortable for you to meet in the bigger city?

Do we scratch this girl off the list right away? Myself probably only because I have met many girls in different cities and travel is so cheap country wide by bus that they have never asked me for bus fare, yes even the poor ones, although I will usually buy the return ticket at the terminal for the ride back. I just hate it when a new girl starts to ask for cash right off the bat, they usually say how they feel strange asking for this money but…

How do you know if they are being genuine asking to meet you in another city right off the bat? How many times has she done this before or how do you know this is not an ambush?

Colombian dating is a complex process and we have to give ourselves rules. Even the dating sites have warnings saying never send money to one of these girls. This should be the number one rule. After you never break your own rule, then you just have to be aware of safety issues.