Why Are American Men Choosing To Date Colombian Women But Never Marry Them?

I was staying at a friends house over on Calle 51 in barrio Boston last night as she had a small get together at the house. I had drank a few too many whiskeys and man do I feel it this morning. I knew her from the time when I was living slightly further down the street in barrio Buenos Aires and we used to talk often. I got up, jumped in the cold shower down the hall and took off to my hotel in order to change and go grab some food.

While i’m eating a beautiful bandeja paisa brunch, having blurred thoughts of eating the paisa last night, I realized that now the tables have changed greatly. How most gringos are opting to date rather than marry. I should say, perhaps not opting but instead ending up just dating and never entering the marriage agreement.

Personally, I know exactly why this happens and I will try to explain the reasons why I think it happens. Also, just to note, there still are gringos that end up marrying whether staying in Colombia to live or bringing back the wives it still does happen, in fact it probably happens much more than I realize. The difference is you don’t see it as much, these gringos fly in a few times, fall in love with a Colombian woman gets the paperwork rolling and off they go. There are so many Colombian women that not a sole would notice if a hundred a day were getting married and starting new lives in the states.

What you do notice much more while staying here in Medellin is that you see in areas such as Laureles, Poblado, Sabaneta and even Niquia over on the Bello part of town that the abundance of gringos living in Medellin has increased a hundred fold and while they do have steady girlfriends, they opt not to marry.

Reasons they don’t marry Colombian women

  • Far too many hot Colombian women in Medellin almost all willing to go out with you
  • Grass is always greener effect, afraid they will run into a better one they would have also married
  • Decide to play since playing is super easy in Medellin and put the marriage mind on hold
  • Realize that the cultural difference varies so greatly but don’t want to give up the ass, but not marriage material
  • Realize she is manipulating him and never follow through with marriage later
  • Lead them on with thoughts and marriage reference but hop from girl to girl
  • Cannot stop from cheating so much in a city laced with beautiful women

This is one of the factors of why gringos decide to move to Medellin, they know they do not want to risk a marriage but they do not want to give up the euphoria of waking up next to a 10.

You also have the guys that have been through long brutal marriages with newly formed fems and find Medellin as a new stomping ground with no intentions of ever getting into a marriage contract again. They go to live and get laid as much as possible to make up for all those years spent trying to please some local with backward priorities that would never be satisfied.