Why Does My Colombian Girlfriend Try To Turn My Family Against Me?

Since I stopped doing private consulting for men wanting to meet Colombian wives. I have been getting an abundance of emails with specific questions which I decided the best way to go about this rather then answer them in email format, is to make some question and answer type articles that may be informative to others as well.


Since I met my Colombian girlfriend here in the United States, we have been having problems and she speaks to my family without me everyday telling them how bad I am treating her and how nice she is. Why is my Colombian girlfriend trying to get my family angry with me?

As soon as I saw this question it immediately rang a bell as this too has happened to me with anex Colombian girlfriend that I was with for a few years in the United States. We were going through a long break up that lasted about a year. It was one of those break ups when you have arguments, you disagree with most things,the relationship clearly cannot work but the good times spent together were really good, for me the physical attraction was tremendous and I could not resist her knocking on  my door at midnight after the break up, which turned into sleeping together which did nothing but prolong the relationship.

Without mentioning who, she would every single day go to this person and tell them how much she loved me and that I kept trying to get rid of her. She never told the truth, but the angelic voice, face and actions (making lunches or bringing gifts) were enough to make an American with little knowledge of this type of bullshit to quickly turn against me. I ended up having to fight my case every single time I would see this person, I had to listen to them telling me how bad I was, how could I not want to stay with this girl, how much of an angel she was. They had no idea of the truth and when in a battle against an angel face and voice, it is extremely difficult to win. It is almost like trying to convince a cop you didn’t hit her when she says you did which is very dangerous in the realm of meeting foreign wives.

To answer your question, I have heard this from other men in the same situation usually at a time close to the end. Why they do it? The only thing I could think of is to maintain that they were not at fault. That it was all your fault. that they will have someone to talk to later if they should ever need. Kind of like why many Colombian women usually keep old boyfriends as friends or continue to stay in touch with exes in most cases I have seen. Perhaps they do not like to break the entire bond since it will break with you, they will still have some sort of a contact or friend in your stream. I don’t really know, it is hard to figure out but I can tell you surely you are not the first with this problem at all.