Would You Move To Colombia For A Wife?

It is apparent that many of the North American guys that have decided to live in Colombia have done so for a wife.

I was on the phone with a friend of mine last night and we were discussing the current situation of Medellin and some friends of his that have decided to move to Medellin and so on. One thing led to another and we started discussing the possible instances of when he would meet a Colombian girl what might occur and also why some of these very professional guys have decided to move. These quite simply are guys that have decided to move in order to make their girlfriends happy.

In my experience one of the things is many of these girls have done a 5 year degree and have gotten a job. While some will still have those traditional values and follow the man even with the degree, in other words leave Colombia to move into the mans world. Many will not. They will stay in Colombia for that job and will not be open minded in leaving. To me this is just another selfish non traditional action. To some this is the way of the world today as everything seems to go against anything of moral value.

I asked my friend if he would move and in much surprise he said he would. I am all for utilizing the world to find what you want, like and never have to settle for anything less than what you truly desire. However, how far do we go, do we really have to bow down and do everything she wants? While it sounds fun and exciting for a while to live with her in her country. After a few years she most likely will not change her selfish mind and ways. So it is not a scenario where you say ok, I will move here for a year or two and then she will love me enough to perhaps compromise and live in my part of the world for a few years. Most likely will not happen and by thinking that way you may find yourself stuck in a country you will probably be dying to leave after 2 years.

The thing that bothers me the most about the above is the fact that regardless of where they decide to live, the girl or Colombian wife stood her ground and basically said it’s either my way or the highway. The decision was not collective. It reminds me of the girlfriend that moves in and says “it’s either me or the dog”. Any guy who would dump a dog over a girl is just a pure pussy and deserves the abuse this girl will continue to give him.

I say don’t move, unless she is also willing to move.