Fuzzbutt Rat Cage Comfort Medium Tube Review

I just can’t get enough of these Fuzzbutt Cage Comfort items!

Quality: 5 stars. Superior to most other hammocks I have seen!

Safety: 5 Stars. All materials used are appropriate for rats.

Ease of Assembly: 5 Stars. Easy to hang

Ease of Cleaning: 5 Stars. Just toss it in the washing machine and dryer!

Price: 5 Stars. I have seen hammock/ cage accessories equally priced that do not come close to this quality. Shipping is expensive if you live in the US like I do (Fuzzbutts Cage Comforts are made with love in the UK) but that is not something that the company has control over.)

Aesthetics: 4.5 Stars. Looks amazing- very professionally made. Would like to see a larger range of fabric/fleece combinations in the future, as I foresee myself purchasing additional Fuzzbutt Cage Comfort items myself!

Rat’s Response: 5 Stars. As usual, my rats LOVE these Fuzzbutt products and took to them right away.