Fuzzbutt Rat Cage Comforts Review

I received, not just one, but three, lovely gifts for review a week or so ago- a Cage Condo, a Corner Crush, and a Standard HoojCube. Other fun products available include The Snooze Cube, Luxury HoojCube, BunkerCube, Phuzzbutt Pharaoh, Plammock, CheezWedge, “Cool Dude” Ice Hammock, HammockChoob, “Homer” range for Hamsters & Mice, and hammocks. Umm…can I just say “WOW”! I just cannot find the right words as to how amazing these products are! These things are so soooo plush, I am jealous! They are probably more comfortable than my own bed! Beautiful fabric choices and quality craftsmanship that is obvious at the first glance- right down to their very own label.

My boys are not much for chewing, having had their hammock from Chelsey’s Cozies for quite a long time now. My girls on the other hand, well, let’s just say hammocks last about two weeks in their cage! I was really reluctant to put the HoojCube in their cage- it was just so luxurious and beautiful, I just knew I was be devastated if- or should I say, when- they destroy it. So I gave it a week. They got the HoojCube, since it was so pink and girly, and the boys got the Cage Condo.

Even though they were both rather large, they fit nicely in my Petco Rat Manor cages. Those with large cages such as the Critter Nation, Ferret Nation, Martin’s cages, etc. will have plenty of room as well. I like the larger size- it gave my big chunky boys, who always fight for hammock space, each a place to sleep separately but enough room on top of their Cage Condo to snuggle together. The girls got the same roominess on the top of their HoojCube, and Scarlett, my hairless, seemed to really enjoy the warm fleecy housing of the inside of the cube. So as far as size is concerned, they are ideal for multiple ratties.

The quality is top of the line- the stitching is perfect- not a single loose thread anywhere, and have fully stitched inner seams. So how did the HoojCube standup to a week after exposure to four naughty gnawing lady rats? Wonderfully! My girls did decide that their HoojCube needed an extra window and gnawed a hole in one corner- and they trimmed a bit of the fleece lining inside the cube but the HoojCube itself is still in amazing condition. I believe it’s all in the stitching.

Rache does an fantastic job on making the stitches crisscross- almost like quilting- to hold the fleece layers together which helps keep the cube together, instead of separating the layers like a sleeping bag where my rats could lodge themselves. When both the boys and the girls decides the walls of their Fuzzbutt Cage Comforts needed a personal touch, and therefore chewed the sides, they only managed to get small patches of the top layer off- the stitching kept is all together.

Usually the first thing to go with my homemade hammocks have been the hangers. Fuzzbutt Cage Comforts have webbing hangers, sealed and hidden from curious teeth. There are also multiple hangers, so you can hang these products in several ways. Such a great feature! The grommets on the Cage Condo were a bit smaller than I would have personally chosen, since I was hanging the Cage Condo using shower curtain rings.

My shower curtain rings were just a tad wider than the grommet openings, however, I still made it work! The other hangers use a D-shaped ring, which is versatile for any method of hanging onto the cage bars.Both the Cage Condo and the HoojCube stood up to the weight of multiple rats very well. I have seen photos of other hammock and cubes that sag funny with the weight of the rats- they look beautiful hanging unattended but become all distorted in shape once the rats get into them. Not that this is really a problem, but for some of the designs out there, it seemed to change the functionality of the hammock or cube.

Fuzzbutt Cage Comforts HoojCube and Cage Condo definitely don’t have that problem! The Hoojcube didn’t seem to change shape at all. The Cage Condo, with each of its separate fleecy tunnels, seemed to droop inwards some, but that did not change the intended design at all. I think it just made them that much cozier!As far as price is concerned, it’s very reasonable!! Fuzzbutt Cage Comforts is based out of Norwich, Norfolk (England) but even with the currency conversion,they are still very affordable. The HoojCube is $19.43 in US dollars (£12.00), the Cage Condo is $16.19 (£10.00) and the Corner Crush is $10.53 (£6.50).

The only negative thing I can possibly think of with these products are that they are no longer able to offer a full custom order service- the demand is just too great! Bummer! There are still some items available as customs but their availability is dependent on the current workload. Can’t blame them, these things are FAB!Bottom line- Fuzzbutt Cage Comforts is one of the highest quality hammock and cube creations out there and I highly recommend it to anyone shopping for top of the line cage accessories for not only their rats, but other small critters as well.