Petco Rat Manor Replacement Parts & Review

While surfing Petco’s website, I decided to add my two cents to a bunch of questions that were posted about the Petco Rat Manor cage, which is what I have for both my boys and girls. One of the questions posted was where to find replacement parts for this particular cage. A lot of other contributors stated since it was a Petco brand, that there was no replacement parts available…but that was until I decided to dig a little deeper… and found them! This is great news for anyone who has a Petco Rat Manor cage!

I really like the Petco Rat Manor cage, even though it gets mixed reviews. The most common issues were bent or warped cage bars, shelves, and ramps- most likely caused by rough handling during shipping or inventory. This can make assembly a bit more difficult. I had no problem with my first cage which I purchased at my local Petco store. I was able to assemble it quickly and with little trouble. My second cage, I ordered it online during a great sale. It arrived via ground shipping, and had evidence of rough handling (dents in the corners of the box). I had some slightly bent bars which resulted in a more frustrating assembly, but I got it done and the cage is fine. No issues. Still as sturdy and attractive as my first cage. I personally do not think this should discourage people from giving this wonderful cage a shot. Also, Petco offers a 100% money back guarantee which is good.

Another common complaint is that the cage doors are too small. I have to admit that they are a bit smaller than I would like. Each door is about 7″ W x 8.5″ H. This can make adding or removing larger cage objects such as wheels or houses difficult, but I have found ways to get around that problem. I am even able to get my litter boxes, hanging baskets, and such in and out by twisting and turning the items so they pass through the doors. If the items are still too big for the door, I simply put them in and out from the bottom of the cage. I can either remove the mid level floor or just put those more bulky item on the lower level. Not a problem. Just takes some thinking.

This cage is perfect for those who want to keep more than two rats but are limited on space or funds. Measuring 16.5″ L x 22.5″ W x 32″ H, this cage will comfortably house up to 3 adult male rats or up to 4 adult female rats. Keep in mind that female rats are more active and may require a bit more room. The cage 1/2″ bar spacing on this cage is ideal for even very young rats. The bottom of this cage is 4″ H so it keeps the litter contained. I have little to no mess to have to clean up outside of the cage. The entire cage is powder coated galvanized steel so you don’t have to worry about your rats chewing plastic features of the cage. Cleaning this cage is easy too- I just lift the cage out of the drop pan and stick it in the shower. I personally give it 5 out of 5 stars!

The swinging frisbees are made from inexpensive Petco frisbees (like $2 each) with holes drilled in the sides then laced with colored twine. Rope or even thin chain would work too. Actually I have to go back and make mine chain as my ratties chewed through the twine the other day!
The bins you see came from the dollar section of Target. Got them for no more than $2.50 each. Those are my ratties’ litterboxes. I am currently working on a blog post about them and will have a link to where you can purchase them.
In the girls’ cage you see a hanging basket- thats their hanging bed. Got it from the dollar store. Just a small plastic bin held up with some links. Threw some flannel/fleece scraps in there for them to snuggle down into.
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