The Effects That Uplifting Music Can Have On You

Has music ever changed your mood? It is music you generally do no listen to frequently, the kind of music that creates a relaxed and calm mood. America’s younger generations do not enjoy uplifting music. Uplifting music, fast pace, quick beats, and energrtic sounds is what these age groups are interested in.

A few of the more common music genres today include Techno (electronic music including a lot of repetitive beats) Trance (a more gentle variant of techno), Hip Hop (a form of rap), Dance (lively electronic music), Rock, Pop, and Alternative (a catch-all term for music that is hard to categorize).

Since I am in my early thirties, I find myself caught in the middle of young America and middle-aged America. Nowadays, I don’t feel tied to any one generation of music. I am drawn to tunes that make me more productive. In the morning, I enjoy listening to uplifting musing, but in the afternoon, dance music is my favorite.