Top 8 Dangerous Fishes In The World (With Pictures)

Fishes are something wonderful creatures, but in world exist fishes that can be really dangerous. You need to know this fishes because you can catch one and can be hurt.

The Tiger Fish, as is clear with it’s name, it extremely brave fish specie. It has razor sharp teeth and is known to be the real hunter of oceans.

The stonefish
The stonefish is known to be highly dangerous and one of the weirdest fishes of the sea.

The Snakehead fish
The Snakehead fish’s habitat is oceans and seats of China, Russia and Korea. This fish is found both in natural and artificial ecosystems and is known to eat tiny fishes and other water species.

Fire Coral Fish
Fire Coral are cute to look but cannot be touched. They contain powerful strings and invisible tentacles.

The Lion fishes live in Caribbean and Eastern Atlantic.
Be careful while diving into the deep seas and oceans and stay miles away from that fish.

Electric Eel
Electric Eel is known to have over 700 volts electric curent in its body. Now you know why this fish is very dangerous!

Piranha is the most known fish in the world. Is quite small in size but is very dangerous because they have big fangs.

Puffer fish is a highly poisonous and dangerous fish present in oceans. Their venom contains tetrodotoxin which is a life-killing material.