DJ Traci Steele Explains Why She Put Them Paws on Tameka

We all saw the ratchet altercation between Tameka Raymond and for Love & Hip Hop star Traci Steele on episode 2. It all went down at Tameka’s charity event and Torrei stopped by with her friend Traci. From the first episode viewers saw the jabs that Tameka took at the other cast mates but no one responded to her slick comments. After talking with the other ladies and even hearing that Tameka was talking about Sheree behind her back, Torrei had just about had it. So we knew something was going to pop off when the lady who coined the term “popcorn hoes” arrived with a bitter Torrei to the event.

From what was shown on the episode Traci’s beef with Tameka didn’t start until Raymond had called her friend Torrei “ni**afied” after she got into a verbal altercation with her. Fortunately someone was there to hold Traci back before she put them paws on her.

It seemed Tameka just rubbed everybody the wrong way. Traci spoke to popular blog site madamenoire about the altercation and her relationship with Tameka before the fight. Surprisingly Traci spoke to Tameka after the fight to cool the situation. Steele seems to be more compassionate to Raymond citing “Tameka has been through hell and back, so I think she’s just real hard from everything that she’s gone through.”

She also talks about her friend Torrei and says “[she] doesn’t care about [Eniko Parrish].” Traci goes even further defending her friend telling all the haters who call Torrei bitter to “jump off a curb”.