Ne-Yo and Monyetta’s Atlanta Mansion

Pics of the multi million dollar mansion that Ne-Yo bought for a steal. He purchased the Georgia home in 2012 for an amazing $550,000. The house is located in Milton Georgia. It’s Northwestern of Atlanta in Fulton County. It is plenty of space for Monyetta and the kids. In an interview on Entertainment tonight the Atlanta Exes star revealed she still lives in the home with Ne-Yo. She gave Rocsi a tour off the enormous palace. It’s 5,900 square feet with enough room for Evan Smith and Madilyn to grow up in. It’s 6 bedrooms and 5 baths.

Ne-Yo actually bought the home for his mother, but it’s where Monyetta currently lives. I’m not exactly sure if mom still lives there but it seems everything is friendly between the entire family, at least for the kids sake. The 5,900 square foot home will be part of the cast of Atlanta Exes, it’s going to be featured on several episodes of course.

In a recent interview with Hip Hop Hollywood, singer Ne-Yo revealed how supportive he was of his baby mama Monyetta Shaw joining Atlanta Exes. He believes she will be respectful of their relationship and not put him on blast. He also stated he and Monyetta are cool and are no longer romantically involved. They have a great co-parenting situation. He is all down for her being on reality tv. Ne-Yo might be one of the most supportive husbands of the cast since he still lives with Monyetta.