Tameka Raymond Foster – Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

Tameka Raymond Foster – Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

Birthday: July 1, 1971
Birthplace: Oakland, California
Occupation: Stylist, designer
Net Worth: $500,000
Children: Darren (1991) Ryan (1999) Kile (2001–2012) Usher V (2007) Naviyd Eli (2008)

For those who don’t know Tameka Raymond Foster is the former wife of international superstar Usher Raymond. Usher has been the king of Billboard, with 10 number 1 singles, and 18 top ten singles. His music has been released on the LaFace, Arista, Jive, and RCA record labels. 22.5 million of his albums were shipped in the US and a combined 65 million records were shipped worldwide making him one of the best selling artist in the world. His net worth is estimated at $110 million in 2014. Not only did he have an extremely successful career on his own he’s also helped guide the way for Justin Bieber. He discovered the youtube sensation in 2007 after an entertainment manager Scooter Braun arranged a meeting between Bieber and Raymond.

Just two years later in 2009 he filed for divorce from Tameka Raymomd Foster. The divorce proceedings would be a long and detrimental process that played out over the media. It created a riff between Usher and his mom and stalled his music career. The media also villain Tameka Raymond and made her the center of constant hate campaigns on social media.

It all began in 2005, when Usher began dating his then stylist Tameka Foster. She had worked for Usher 4 years prior and was his first public relationship following his break up from Chilli of TLC.

Tameka Foster already had three sons prior to her relationship to Usher. One she had when she was a teenager and two she had by Ryan Glover. She was married to Glover between 2002-2007. The couple separated in 2005 once Foster made her relationship with Usher public.

Foster was born in Oakland California and had humble beginnings in a lower middle class family. She grew up with both of her parents who encouraged her to become the first in her family to attend college. In the early 90’s Foster attended Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. After earning her degree in 1994 she went straight to work and moved to Los Angeles. Her first job was as a sales associate in Armani retail store. With a number of high end clients and celebrities visiting the Rode Drive location Tameka was introduced to a plethora of potential clients. One of her first clients was Patti Labelle. Foster became a fixture in the music industry styling and designing stage costumes for Toni Braxton, Lauryn Hill, Ciara and Mary J Blige.

Tameka later transitioned to working for male artist like Jay-Z, Nas and Usher in 2002. She and Usher hit it off and became close friends outside of their working relationship. She consoled him during his public breakup from TLC’s Chilli. Their friendship lead to a romantic relationship even during her marriage to then Ryan Glover.

The constant traveling and lack of time together lead to Tameka and Ryan filing an amicable divorce. In 2007 Usher proposed to Tameka. The later married that year but tensions began to rise within the household. It was reported by several media outlets that Usher’s mother had odd feelings towards Tameka. His distance between his mother began to grow which lead to Usher firing his mom as his manager.

In 2007 The couple gave birth to Usher V and the following year to Nayvid Eli. Their seemingly perfect relationship came crashing down when reports surfaced that Tameka Raymond Foster flew to Sao Paolo Brazil and had cosmetic surgery by an unlicensed doctor that was potentially life threatening. It was later revealed that Usher told Tameka not to have the surgery which lead to her lying to Usher about it. She told the singer she was going on vacation. He found out after a hospital contacted him telling him his wife was in cardiac arrest following the botched surgery. That same year he filed for divorce.

kile glover tameka foster sonIn the middle of the long divorce battle Tameka’s son Kile Glover was involved in a terrible accident. Kile was critically injured after he and a teenage friend, riding on an inner tube on Lake Lanier near Atlanta, were hit by a Jet Ski operated by family friend Jeffrey S. Hubbard. Shortly afterward he was declared brain dead, and died July 21, 2012, of heart failure, after initial reports had said he was taken off life support.

This has been a long battle for Tameka and this scorned woman has a lot to say. Atlanta Exes premieres August 18th on VH1.