Torrei Hart Introduces New Man During Atlanta Exes Premiere

August 18th was a big day for the ladies of Atlanta Exes. It was the two hour premiere event that had everyone buzzing. And by the looks of things Tameka Raymond is nothing but trouble and is the complete instigator in all that will go down this season. But outside of that one of the Exes’ star’s former husband moved on and dropped the ball the same day. Kevin Hart went on Instagram to steal the thunder from his former love Torrei’s night and shared with everyone he proposed to the lady who allegedly broke them up. But that’s okay cause Miss Torrei had some news for his a**.

After millions caught the premiere episode they were no longer calling Torrei bitter. She garnered fans from emotional breakdown on national tv. She made it clear she stood by Kevin’s side since she was 19 and served as more than just his boo. She was his manager, career adviser and more. But those who were touched by her tearful moment maybe happy to know this Hart has healed her heart and moved on. He got his own money and his name is Reno. He owns a Sports Management company called Titus Sports. What’s even more amazing is China McClain from Disney’s Ant Farm is his niece! She sang Happy Birthday to him last month!

Torrei Hart attended the premiere of Atlanta Exes with her new boyfriend. He is an unknown by celebrity standards, which might be a good thing. She attended the event booed up with her man and Media Take Out took a few pics. (We don’t have clearance and are not paying for them!)

But she also did an interview with Hip Hop Hollywood and made a clear distinction between her former love Kevin and her new man. He is tall enough for her to wear heels with! Was that a read?!

Netizen Comments

this show is another negative reflection for women of color showing all of them faking like they are not bitter but still trying to hang on to their ex’s fame and name…It’s not the break up that has all these women looking crazy it’s letting go the monetary things…Cee lo’s ex looks really crazy along with Ne yo’s ex living with a guy who doesn’t want her…these women couldn’t possibly love themselves…people break up all the time but since they are some what once with a celebrity that thinks that makes them relevant when in fact it makes them just like the rest just another woman…get over it and move on….stop chasing fame and chase GOD.

Oh and Tameka has to be Bi polar no wonder she’s a ex…And Sheree Buchanan seems like she’s on drugs trying to relive her youth through her daughter is a hot mess…Cee Lo’s ex had the nerve to get her clothes picked out for things like going to the movies…And he(cee lo) looks even more crazy doing it…Basically pimping her…No knowledge of self and they wonder why those men in the end had no respect for none of them…MONA SCOTT needs to be boycotted by all women of color for constantly portraying them in a bad light…There’s no balance in nothing she does for uplifting young women of color…She throws them a check while ruining what little life they have left….The devil in the flesh(MONA SCOTT)